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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by IceFrog, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Delfofthebla

    Delfofthebla Member

    The pipe of insight is too costly for something so minor, I never see a reason to build hood to pipe as I would be better off with BKB. Tweaking the price/manacost/shield strength would be a great improvement for the item.

    TC needs his stun to be dispelled by towers, and the numbers on his spirit damage gain/MS boost could use a small nerf, but I think his ult is fine.
  2. Thaoktar

    Thaoktar New Member

    Quelling blade

    For the love of god. Remove quelling blade from the game.
    It's to huge a buff for many melees.

    Take strygwyr, hes way to OP now, when he can basicly stand and take 24 / 7 herass from a hero, just lasthitting EVERYTHING with hes almost 100 dmg in level 1. Gaining hp from every single last hit.

    It's just... Lame. Unbalanced.

    And yes, call me a whiner but srsly, it's just OP.
  3. LanteH

    LanteH Well-Known Member

    Yup, TC's ulti needs to be made like how sandking stun + epic that has a little time for his ulti to be stopped. So TC's stun should be nerf just nice there is a 1sec for opponent to disable TC to disallow him to cast ulti.

    Maybe a nerf will do, not a remove.
    10% range and
    20% meele sounds better?
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  4. Darentei

    Darentei Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty satisfied with the balance in this version.

    Most of my concerns are aimed at the new heroes, however it's not a big deal:

    From one end, Tauren Chieftain. His skills have a nice but odd synergy.
    They are extremely easy to evade in my opinion, but in turn they deal a high amount of damage if used correctly, which can take some practice. All in all, he seems out of place unless he has a partner with him at all times.

    I'd sacrifice some power for simplicity, personally. Maybe except stomp. Other than setting up his ultimate, it feels worthless. It even depends on Spirit, which I tend to use for nuking mostly. Directing it around feels awkward, it's tricky. Ultimate just has the delay.

    Batrider is pretty cool. Flamebreak seems to have a small collision, but maybe that's just me. I really can't find a problem with him... Oh wait. Apparently he can, with or without Firefly, pass over Techies mines without triggering them. I remember this was fixed long ago for flying heroes, but I think you forgot one.

    Razor turned out great aswell. Although his aura, whatever it's called, seems kinda situational. I guess replacing it could turn out to be imballanced. Well, it's fine. Static Link can be tricky to keep unbroken. It does seem balanced. Maybe a minor slow? Like 5%, I don't know. That goes for all drain spells in fact. Anyway, his ultimate.

    Eye of the Storm is strong, but it only targets the lowest HP unit. This can be good or bad. I noticed that it doesn't target lowest PERCENT HP unit. Maybe it should.

    Finally, make Force Staff compatible with Rupture level 3.
  5. Unfawkable

    Unfawkable Well-Known Member

    1) Nerf Tauren Chieftain's ulti cooldown, for such a useful team ulti it CDs way too fast. 120/100/80 instead of 90/75/60
    2) Buff damage to shrapnel slightly, or the slow, whichever.
    3) Increase Krobe's MS slightly, that MS nerf from witchcraft really hit her
    4) Buff Medusa's ulti CD, it's more useful now, but it's way too long. Especially if you can easily wasted, since it doesn't affect units you can't see. Make it scale down, something like 60/50/40
    5) Buff force staff push range to 700, or buff it's CD to 20
    6) Buff Rylai's new Crystal Nova ability damage to be 260 at lvl 4
    7) Buff back Phase Boots armor to 7
    8) Nerf Batrider's ridiculous base damage, it's 70 o_O
    9) Buff Sand Kings ulti with aghanim's, 1 pulse and 20 sec less CD isn't that much
    10) Add sum more heroes to aghanim's, like Sniper and Silencer
    11) Nerf Magina's ulti, or nerf his ridiculous base attack time which is 1.45 :/
    12) Buff Ghost Scepter to not make you take extra damage from spells, you not being able to attack is punishment enough for 1500 gold :p
    13) Buff Enigma's ulti CD to 180/160/140, or add her to aghanim's for this effect.

    I'll think of more later.
  6. Thaoktar

    Thaoktar New Member

    Mabye a nerf would do it, but still. I rather see it removed, since melees had no problem at all before ? so why that sudden buff ?
  7. Sajuuk

    Sajuuk Well-Known Member

    I think Tauren Chieftain is not too imba. Seriously. He is NOT a tank, his health is subpar midgame and late if you don't rush stats and some str item, his aura's range IS LOW, his ancestral spirit can be hard to use in some situations and by spamming your skills early game you will quickly realize he doesn't have a huge int gain and his mana pool is quite average.

    This means TC is pretty item dependant, he can't do much without lifesteal or some nice str items, and is pretty fragile during the laning phase...not to mention he's sooo dead if he's focused during a teamfight. His ultimate is easy to avoid, so is his stomp, so this makes him even team dependent. Ironically though he makes a GREAT team paired with Earthshaker.

    So I would suggest you NOT nerf him.

    Batrider --- he is very good at laning but can't do much in teamfights. He is a support hero but he can very well screw up some heroe's ulties (even teammates). His ultimate is way too weak for what it does and doesn't synergize with his only nuke, which pushes away things from you. He is though a durable hero but a slow or stun can really get him down as he will not always be near a cliff thus his Firefly skill won't help pretty much, especially when cutting down trees. This can actually kill you and you teammates.


    Swapping Davion's current model with the Protectorate's shopkeeper's would be very great, he would look much more hero-ish like that if you ask me. And it would also fit his spell colour scheme!
  8. zylick

    zylick Well-Known Member

    return kunka more agi
    improve spectre`s ult with aghanim
    buff down chieftain anyway
    change the image on loadscreen
    change silencer`s curse
  9. gh0un

    gh0un Well-Known Member

    Nerf MKBs truestrike ability for the following reasons (copypaste from the suggestion forums):

    And now ill add the following:

    Heroes with innate bash abilities (slardar and the likes) permastunned the heck out of other heroes UNLESS you got evasion. (you can get the evasion talisman to counter that permastun now (if butterfly doesnt fit your hero)).

    Now those basher-heroes just get MKB and permastun everyone to death once again. Having no counter to permabash just isnt fair.

    My suggestions:
    1. remove truestrike completely
    2. make it an active with a low duration and mediocre to long cd
    3. make it so, that the evasion effect is halved instead of removed (if the evasion is 30% ---> 15%) (if the evasion is 50% ---> 25%)
    4. let it negate a fixed amount of evasion, ie. 10-15%
    5. alternatively a combination of 2-4
  10. LordGianotti

    LordGianotti Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah... many ladies on the loading screen would always be welcomed...
  11. LanteH

    LanteH Well-Known Member

    I think QB is introduced into dota because it helps alot meele heroes to go lvl1 nc. Since it increase damage to NC why not to creeps as well?
    This is how it goes i assume :eek::
  12. 2vA_

    2vA_ Banned


    nerf tc!

    srsly stunning ur whole team for 4 sec + that WTF ult he got is not funny!!!
    i like his concept and the skills and i definetly want to try out that weed u smoked when u created him but...

    plz plz nerf him!just slightly ok? :D
  13. he_kod

    he_kod Well-Known Member

    1. Raise the mana pool of all neutral creeps by 2. It will eliminate of the effect of the bug which causes your HOD creeps lose 1 mana for no reason.

    example: old centaur 200mana, new centaur 202mana

    2. give all HOD creeps resistant skin

    There are way too many low CD skills that can 1 hit kill a HOD creep. And the CD on HOD is awfully long (300 secs). HOD creeps deserve something to against those stupid no-skill-1-hit-kill spells.

    3. Keep the new manta, and restore the old manta please.

    4. reduce the purge damage of diffusal to 900

    5. raise the ms of lancer to at least 310 from 290
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  14. Sidji

    Sidji Well-Known Member

    No problem for last hitting ?:ninja:
    In pub games maybe....but if they harass you to death each time you try to last hit, being melee is a real pain, it help during the laning stage.
    Now you can't miss the last hit.
    Plus, it really buff early jungling, and it's now far more viable for some heroes to jungle.

    -About mkb : people seem to forget that it cost 5400, give no stats, and that games tend to finish in 40 minutes now.....butterfly wasn't and isn't a "good item" (diffu was always top 1)
    The new Talisman of Evasion is incredible on tons of heroes (really good on tank too), it need a counter (even if mkb isn't "cheap").
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  15. GoodOlBob

    GoodOlBob Well-Known Member

    Think about including items that improve not just the ult, but the skills of some heroes that need it. Spectre still seems a little weak, so agh's could buff the % on dispersion(or another item to do that).

    For heroes that become really crippled lategame, consider putting a level 5 of some of their skills that they can get at say...lvl 22, they'd have to give up the stats though.

    Oh yes, sylla's entangle on the bear really, REALLY needs an internal cooldown. Get attackspeed on the spirit bear and he's downright ridiculous.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2009
  16. Nostalgia

    Nostalgia Member

    -minor buff to bristle's strenght

    -CLINKS! why the hell hasn't he been buffed yet, is this a joke? he is currently the worst hero hands down

    -heroes that need minor buffs: obsidian, weaver, leshrac and pit lord, akasha, balanar

    -sniper is still bad, give him scepter ulti or something

    -heroes that need minor nerfs:

    bat rider
    nerubian assasin

    -viper's new skill is ridiculous early game, nerf

    -items seem good, but i believe eye of skadi cost should be reduced
  17. JaCKaSS_69

    JaCKaSS_69 Well-Known Member

    I'd love to have Stone Gaze purge medusa and allies caught in the AoE (not necessarily them looking to medusa, more like medusa looking to them) as well. ;)

    Also, fix the imba TC combo. A single combo wrecks whole teams and prepares team battles like no other and as well with half hp enemy team.

    Also base damage on both heroes is quite high. So are initial stats and stat gain. :/

    Also, I want to fucking personally tell me what the fuck do you find on Sniper so strong that you aren't buffing even stats. Adding 5 initial str to him is like fucking no-brainer, but you still seem to give him sup-bar/shitty buffs.

    Do you really think that the fucking useless Headshot is such a good of a dps increasing skill or disable that justifies the whole hero being so bad?

    If you answer me I love you. <3

    Oh, and just so you know, you've made Tinker into a multilane pushing whore than the fucking skilled int carry he was.
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  18. Redeemed A.I.

    Redeemed A.I. Well-Known Member

    haha,I've writen something huge in your blog and I was like "wth.. " :p

    Anyway,here are my thoughts...For the deails,proceed to the blog :eek:

    Geomancer takes aghanim's.Either gives more % status bonus on clones,or items like Heart,Talisman and Hood give their "special" bonuses to clones as well.aka 1% hp,25% evasion,30% resistance.
    Akasha's Aghanim's becomes more powerful.I think +100 damage is not good,so I suggest you give her something special,or at least reduce the cooldown from 110->110/95/75 as it used to be..
    Zeus's ulti aghanim's buff as well.+75 damage per target is not "amusing" and it doesn't give cooldown too >_>
    Fix Aghanim's tooltip so in the shop the recipe says properly "2 of the following"..
    Fix Rhasta's aghanims so it properly gives damage to wards as well,instead of only increasing their numbers.
    Buff Aghanim's to crixalis.Instead of +1 pulse and -20 cd,it makes +2 pulses and casting time->+-1 second.

    Fix Quelling blade NOT,I repeat NOT being overwriten by orb effects/buff placers.So it is a trigger ability and can be used by every orb effect hero including kunkka crixalis,weaver etc..
    Quelling blade on range buffed by at least 6% so it is not less viable than 4 gg branches on low damage heroes >_>

    Add a command to courrier -rc on/-rc off that enables/disables returning of courrier to base after giving you the items with "T" command..It really is annoying to chase it if you like to switch items..
    Change Invoker's Quas and Wex,so the first gives 1hp instance/level and Wex to 3 %IMS and 1%IMS stacking with ms bonus items...or make Wex writing in its tooltip "2% IAS and +2.8 MS per level per instance" :p

    Oh and nerf TC and Batrider...I'm sure you know what nerfs they need by now :D

    That's it for now.I can't suggest remakes to skills,becaus that would delay your patch

    P.S. Where is the activating ability on Aghanim's Icefrog??? :)
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2009
  19. Odin

    Odin Well-Known Member

    Nerf TC's aura a bit. It's balanced in the endgame, but early on, when base armor is almost all of your defense, it's a tad too powerful. Maybe give it 25/50/75/100 base armor reduction.
  20. eisdiele

    eisdiele Well-Known Member

    nice idea, i support this one :D
    also mb nerf the % on quelling blade a bit. today i had davion and its like some1 stated with bs, just uninterrupted farming (mb not that hard)
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