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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by IceFrog, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. feelthless

    feelthless Well-Known Member

    I think the Batrider need some rework. Maybe buffing his ult' range and duration (3/4/5 for example) and change his first skill, or just buff it. His starting damage is hilarious buffed. 51-54 seems fine to me for a ranged int hero. Also it will be good to buff Medusa's ult. The phucked thing about it is the fact that you cannot chase with her ult but at least buff the degree-detection. Personally - I like her Mystic Snake a lot, but the thing that is annoying me about it is the slow projectile speed. Buffing it's speed to a 500-600 would be nice. Also i find her base str and damage too low and her split shot useless. I keep her first skill for 22-25 level. Seriously - do something about it. Imo it will be good for her to become an INT hero, cuz she'll benefit more for INT items..but dunno...forget it xD

    The other thing

    TB - gosh, I hate him...His skills has no synergy and are very unoriginal.

    Well there is nothing else to add. I just want to wish u luck and to thank you for the great 6.60

  2. Stalker

    Stalker Well-Known Member

    what about yurneros ulti?
    early-mid game imba insta kill.
    late game useless, always bunch of creeps around.
    it should ignore creeps at lvl 3 or something.
    just make ti useful late game.
  3. Sidji

    Sidji Well-Known Member

    My 2 cent's :

    -TC need a (small?) int nerf. He didn't have mana problem, despite being a str with 3 "spammable" spells...He is insta-pick in pub games, and even players that go pure dps on him never run out of mana, despite huge spam.

    Nerfing is aura gonna be stupid...sorry but it seems that nobody in the whole dota community understand that it only reduce BASE armor and magic resist...

    -TC and Batrider base dmg are a bit over the charts

    -Furion need some help with sprout....like reducing the duration to :
    2.00/2.75/3.50/4.25 but making the trees invulnerable (or just invulnerable against tangoes and quelling)

    -A buff to jakiro's turn rate....i don't know why it is still so slow. The new liquid fire is nice, but it's really a pain to hit with ice path against opponents ("decent" opponents obviously), with macropyre too (but the new agha solve this problem).
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  4. William

    William Well-Known Member


    anyway, here's what i said:
    Please do something to Furion, the guy is such a great concept but is completely impractical.. He is incredibly useless now with his disable being eaten alive by the fact that everyone carries something that can eat trees. And the summons are just beyond useless.
  5. Ignorance

    Ignorance Member

    Ghost Scepter should receive a price reduction, a recipe upgrade or be incorporated into the recipe of a more expensive item.
  6. Killer Draco

    Killer Draco Well-Known Member

    I'll agree with what's been said:

    First off, Furion and Sprout. Sprout is just so... terrible! Considering what it gives, and how easily countered it is, its cost is pretty terrible. If anything, the mana cost needs to remain constant, especially considering Sprout has always been counterable by a simple tango, and with the new quelling blade, not to mention the increasingly popular Force Staff. It's got no damage, isn't a true disable, and can easily be countered, yet it costs more than 90% of regular skills!

    Then there's QoP. I feel she's been overnerfed. She's an int hero, a caster-oriented one no less, yet she's terrible earlygame. Without all of her skills leveled, she performs very poorly. An underleveled blink leaves you with too short of a range, and too long of a cooldown. An underleveled Shadow Strike's slow isn't even worth mentioning. And if you miss out on Scream of Pain? Well, there goes your only direct nuke. Not to mention its range could be a little better, imo (only talking like 50 or so). Honestly, I think the most logical choice is to get rid of Shadow Strike, similar to what happened to Veno. She's an AoE-oriented hero, yet Shadow Strike is single target and extremely weak if not fully leveled. She doesn't need an overhaul, but she's fallen so much since the days of .48, she's barely worth picking in comparison to other int heroes nowadays.

    Those are the two big ones for me.
  7. iser

    iser Well-Known Member

    the int buff on bristleback was awesome. but, it seems like the consensus regarding bristleback is that he still needs a little bit of strength buff. around lvl 20 something, bristle has higher int than the main stat on a str hero.

    imo, and the opinions of many, around 0.3 to 0.5 str stat buff to bristle would make him viable for higher level play.

    this is one of the threads where this was discussed:
  8. Rytthigar

    Rytthigar Well-Known Member

    Agree, good sugg :)

    Also: The new MKB should be rebalanced a bit, IMO. It hurts Mort, Butterfly ++ too much...
  9. William

    William Well-Known Member

    yeah lets make something else clear about sprout: It is really hard to use and the weaker players will almost always trap an undesirable hero in the sprout with a carry or something ridiculous like that. Not only is it cringeworthy to have to play the hero, but its worse to see somebody else pick it and you justy know that they're going to trap you with it at least once.
  10. PS2MAN

    PS2MAN Banned

    You just reminding me about that. Yes MKB Truestrike needs to be an active skill, have the item work like Armlet to make it work. Perm Evasion bypass is too powerful, but it would not be if it was in 10 seconds bursts or something (Like MoM's Frenzy).
  11. Killer Draco

    Killer Draco Well-Known Member

    IMO, the MKB change is fine, and seriously overhyped. It had to be added in order to help counterbalance the fact that heroes no longer need to pay 6k gold before getting evasion. Not only that, but MKB is still a 5400 gold item, and it's not like it's just going to fall from the sky. No, I think the MKB change is fine.
  12. Elune

    Elune Well-Known Member

    I think TC and Batrider are quite imba.
    Both of them are should be nerfed of growth or abilities.
    And i havent seen anynoe take such items as Ghost Scepter , Magic Wand .Maybe u can buff them from lower price or more powerful abilities.
  13. Minimality

    Minimality Well-Known Member

    -sp is the command for shuffle players. You mean -test.

    There already is a command. -lvlup *number*. Example -lvlup 25 lvls you up to 25...
  14. Rean

    Rean Member

    short list

    needs to buff:
    Night Stalker-even with recent aghanim buff,he is still crap. after getting scepter he is nothing more than walking ward. He still get raped by most heroes 1 on 1. He requires LOTS of farming to be effective,when he is rly poor farmer and quelling blade doesnt help much since at night he roam a lot.

    Drow-she just fails and get raped in seconds.

    Sniper-still FAIL hero.

    Weaver-requires GODLIKE farm to be effective

    Crystal Maiden-her ultimate definitely need a remake. AOE slow is nice,but not enough.

    Windrunner&Aghanim scepter- she just cant use 15sec CD ult due to her manapool. shackle,FF,shackle and not enough mana for 2nd FF. and even if its enough say bb to all casting after which makes her useless. And if u need to use Powershot to shot down fleeing hero....
    I dont want her to be tower rax only hero.
    As a solution i suggest: 30(40) sec CD and -25,50,100 mana cost

    Linkin Sphere- recent buff is rly nice but not enough. need lower recipe cost or another ingridients since Ultimate Orb is just useless for its price. Point booster gives almost same effect,but cost 900 gold less.
    As possible solution,i suggest removing some trash spell that it blocks to increase it effectiveness,like mana drain,shikuchi and others.

    Ultimate orb-need a remake. its just wasted 2k gold. not effective at all.
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  15. LanteH

    LanteH Well-Known Member

    -Add an Endgame scoreboard with the number of buyouts you buy.
    -Ability to change teamname in -cm/-cd mode. (Eg The Sentinel to TDA) - TDA is owning! instead of The Sentinel is owning!
    -A new system to share crow without sharing your hero control too

    -Remove magic stick/wand's cd or remove the recipe cost to make it more worth to buy
    -Queen of Pain needs a remake with her 1st skill.
    -A new remake for silencer
    -Weaver needs farming machanism to be a useful hero
    -Sniper needs much improvement, his 1st skill remake does not make him worth to use
    -Change the bottle icon to the 6.60 beta's bottle. - please!
    -Cm's ulti needs to lower its mana cost
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  16. Sidji

    Sidji Well-Known Member

    I think Batrider benefit from the "storm spirit" factor...imba at first sight, then, an average hero after 2 weeks.
    (TC a bit less....)

    Ghost Scepter is nice on pub games when the enemy team go full dps/agi (don't know if in competitive they'll use it....full agi team don't seem to be very common there xD)
    But if you don't use magic wand....you are obviously a boot first/flask user :mellow:, it scales so well with a stick/3branch/+usual regen it's not even funny.
    And +3 all stat/+burst regen is way better than +6/+3/+3 that a bracer/wraith/null offer (ok....it's not exactly the same price...maybe lowering the wand recipe will do the trick).
  17. 司马孽凰

    司马孽凰 Well-Known Member

    nerf TC

    Combo(C+V)is almost unable to escape...
  18. orangenod18

    orangenod18 Well-Known Member

    Yeah! decrease Batrider's base damage:thumbup:
  19. LordGianotti

    LordGianotti Well-Known Member

    New loading screen with barathum and balanar in it?

  20. LanteH

    LanteH Well-Known Member

    CM or Lina will do good too =)
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