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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by IceFrog, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. IceFrog

    IceFrog Administrator

    Just posted this on my blog

    Feel free to discuss
  2. mrwoods

    mrwoods Well-Known Member

    Why did the old thread get deleted :( took me a while to write

    Queen of Pain, please buff her/revert her back to her old self, I saw the idea of making her ult like a big Deafening Blast, I think it would match the Sonic Wave theme perfectly while helping her also the CD on that thing need to be reverted back or at least toned down to around 80 secs.

    I really like the changes to aghanim specially the new side effects it add such as clock being able to hook allies and putting the CD to 20 sec, pudge healing himself, balanar being a 1800 aoe Ward at night etc..
    The only thing though is that on some heroes such as Balanar/Void/SB the stats it give are just too low to make it worth getting before DPS/Survivability items such as Armlet/BkB so you can't really go straight Aghanim which is the strength of aghanim.

    There are other heroes on which it's just not worth getting not because they are forced to get other items if they don't want to be useless but because the bonus to the ult is just worthless, Necrolyte is the best exemple for that, aghanim on him is about as useful as 6 Vlad on QoP.
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  3. IceFrog

    IceFrog Administrator

    There was a bug with the posting time synchronization and it messed up the thread order. Just fixed the bug. The few of you that had posted in that window, please repost :)
  4. Mr.C

    Mr.C Active Member

    lol did u delete the other post?

    haha, well to restate what i said earlier... most definitely focus on balance, buuuuut please dont overlook possibly adding visual scepter buffs to the heroes who can use it now!

    please and thank u!
  5. Sup3RN0Va

    Sup3RN0Va Well-Known Member

    In my opinion:

    Buff up:
    - Furion (something...anything...in 6.60 he is weak...tango...Quelling blade)
    - Medusa (change a skill -for example her ultimate- or something else)
    - Visage (change his ultimate or increase his stats gain)
    - Warlock (change his 1st (fatal bonds) or/AND 3rd (upheaval) -not channeling...for example- skills.

    Buff down:
    - Rikimaru (in pub games noone can stop him even with wards and dust -his smoke could be weaker...no miss or no silence or no slow...dunno-)
    - Traxex (her ultimate gives so much agility...I think 30 is fine on lvl3)
    - Nessaj (nerf his str gain -a bit-)
  6. B-wall

    B-wall Well-Known Member

    In my opinion you should keep rebalancing the heroes, the game is a lot more enjoyable when you can actually choose from all heroes in more serious games :)
  7. LeraX

    LeraX Well-Known Member

    syllabears bears needs a nerf! he nearly entangle every time he hits when its ready, please reduce the % chance or more cooldown
  8. Schobi

    Schobi Well-Known Member

    In short what i stated in the last thread: Nerf TC's Spirit+Stun+Ulti combo in any way. And think of buffing Medusa's stone gaze cause she can't use it to slow fleeing enemies anymore.
  9. DarkMedina

    DarkMedina Well-Known Member

    TC needs a huge nerf, not because of his ult, not because of his stun, not because of his spirit, BUT BECAUSE OF THE F*CKNG AURA. It's so imbalanced, the presence of TC makes you cry so loudly, you die in 2 seconds in the middle of a team battle while the other team remains unharmed.
    QoP needs a serious buff. She was an amazing hero, but now she's crap. WTH? Buff her back.

    Medusa is awesome. She should buy a diffusal to catch fleeing heroes.

    Furion needs a buff, yes. A stats buff should do it.

    Warlock is still fucking amazing. He doesn't need to be changed, he's very good and not unbalanced.

    Rikimaru/Drow/Nessaj are crap. Grab a few friends and show them the power of teamplay.
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  10. anotherside

    anotherside New Member

    1. decrease batriders base attack and strength gain a bit.
    2. increase the channeling time of the first spell of tauren chieftan (like 2 sec) and decrease the range of his second spell.
  11. Miemsa

    Miemsa New Member

    It seems like any team that has TC on their side wins... Its about a 80% chance you will lose the game when you're facing him.
  12. EcceLex

    EcceLex Well-Known Member

    buff harbinger plz
    even with the old aghanim, he was barely picked... now he's like very sad (and so am I)
  13. PS2MAN

    PS2MAN Banned

    Yeah now I gotta type all that stuff I wrote again... Gahahah..... AND I have to remember what the hell it was that I wrote! CURSE YOU!!!!!!!

    TC Needs a synergy nerf, or a power of his synergy nerf. ATM the 5 Second Ghost Disable -> his 35% MAX HP Maim thing is too easy todo for how powerful it is. It is a Ranged AoE Lifebreak on Sterods, he buts huskar to shame. IMO like Huskar it should be 35% of Current, at least then the combo has a weakness.

    Razor, Sylla and Bat are fine. No Complaints here.

    Kunkka should be able to use the Quelling blade, just have it disabled when Tidebringer is Active like how Blink Dagger is disabled when a hero hits you.

    Linkens does not currently Block Magina's new Mana void, is this an oversight.

    Terrorblade needs a new soulsteal. Say the ability for his images to channel their life into the Main TB using the current animation, more images = more heal for TB and the images will loose HP by doing so, Or just allow him to steal life from Allied units (Including his own images).

    Faceless voids AS Upgrade sucks compared to the others. Maybe remove the 1 second increase but change it so the upgrade allows Allies to move inside chrono with you.

    Windrunners AS Upgrade is too dependant on other items to be useful, meaning its 2x the price for her than everyone else and that IMO is bad design. This needs to be looked at.

    Doom needs a small nerf with its AS upgrade. It really is too powerful with it atm.

    Medusa needs Stone gaze to work on anything facing her even if she is not facing it, after all she CAN TURN HER HEAD so it makes sense, and it gives her back some of the escaping ability she recently lost.

    Mystic Snake looks like a Nuclear Sperm Attack, isnt there any better graphic for it?

    And ofc Animations for all the 6.60 Scepter upgrades you added in 6.60.




  14. Ness

    Ness Well-Known Member

    -Undo blink dagger restriction for Butcher and Vengeful Spirit, and add command to manually restrict it (Something like "-ron")


    -Add command to enable dagger on Butcher and Vengeful Spirit (something like "-roff")

    Reason: these restrictions are almost exclusively due abuses like blinking in trapped places and swaping/hooking the unit.
    In serious games those heroes have small disadvantage by not being able to purchase this item in order to maximize their potential in a fair way.
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  15. genehmster

    genehmster Well-Known Member

    Things that still bother me: imbaness of NA and the useless slow spell of warlock

    A thing that canĀ“t work: A not buffed Furion alongside the introduction of Quelling blades. My suggestion: Sprout should have 2 rows of (smaller) trees!

    Well... Viper seems to be pretty imba. Maybe nethertoxin damage should be based on the level of Viper strike or something.

    And a thing you should keep an eye on: aghanims should never be a must on a hero like it was on old ogre magi .

    Oh, and add more basic items so ghost scepter can be based on them. Right now, it feel like a "naked" recipe.
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  16. Fadoramix

    Fadoramix Well-Known Member

    Well, TC needs a nerf.90% change to win with him in the team..

    Str, Dmg:
    He got much hp and dmg, and a nice animation, maybe this can be changed?A little nerf here can do much. He got an sick combo too and rly pwns in teambattles because of the AoE.

    Encho Stomp:
    1.His stunn is ok but pretty hard to get from with Ancestral Spirit. But it don't rly needs a nerf because it's a sleep.

    Ancestral Spirit:
    2.This skill has a sick casting range and can finish of very easy, but i don't really think a nerf is needed.

    Natural Order:
    3.This skill is sick! Almost pure dmg is sick, TC got a nice animation too, but still if the oppenent can counter this skill isn't that good(goodlike in public games). Nerf plz.

    Earth Splitter
    4. There are more overpowered ultimate's than this one. Can be nerfed a little imo.
  17. Andross

    Andross New Member

  18. XaTrIxX

    XaTrIxX Moderator

    1) Buff Furion - Something that makes his 1st Spell viable (destroying a furion created tree deals damage to that unit?), plus a little stats boost maybe
    2) increase Speed of Mystic Snake (Medusa)
    3) increase Krobe's base MS by 5
    4) Viper's new ownage Spell: -10% damage?
    5) Warlock's 3rd Spell: Less slow but remove Channeling as an idea, but make it viable please!
  19. Minimality

    Minimality Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see some of the newly added items be used to make up bigger items...Items such as force staff, magic wand, talisman of evasion(well it is used in butterfly, but I'm thinking more of a int/str hero oriented protective item), quelling blade and specially ghost scepter. All of these items are great and give you great ability against something, but they don't really make up for a solid build in the long run.

    Add a resale value to quelling blade.

    Thanks ;)
  20. noobwaR

    noobwaR New Member

    In sp there should be a command like -lvl 6 / lvl 20 / -lvlmax, writing -lvlup is boring. Secondly, am i crazy or did some shortcut go away from shops near top and bot lanes? Like dagger, etc. Would like them back.
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