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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Thunderfoxx, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Thunderfoxx

    Thunderfoxx Well-Known Member

    my friends and i want to compete in a 3v3 dota dota tourney and id like to hear from the community what you guys think are the best combos.

    take note we play the entire map (all lanes) and the gold is only split between us 3 (no computer slots to use up gold).

    suggestions welcome plz
  2. BTS.Bread

    BTS.Bread Well-Known Member

    Tinker SF AA
  3. PerCo

    PerCo Well-Known Member

    I dont have much experience in 3v3 but Ill try to do my best. Ganking would be really hard imo, even without wards. Also most melee heroes are out, with no one to lane them. I would probably go something like potm/wr long lane, cm solo mid and furion short lane. Get a couple of ganks off with furion, cm nova spam mid. Anyway. As I said not a lot of experience.
  4. Elements-

    Elements- Banned

    Apparition, Lycan, Any disable.
  5. CryingOut

    CryingOut Well-Known Member

    1 . pick one hero from each Agi , Str , and Int , pick the agi carries ..
    and the str must be a war initiator and a tanker ( ex : levi , centa , tiny , magnus , etc .. well , i recommend levi because it can be a good tanker and his ulti is a widest AoE spell in dota ), the Int must be a support nuker , ( ex : zeus , lich , akasha , etc , i recommend lich because the cf is really good for semi-war initiator )

    2 . pick based on hero roles , note that a support wont always be int , an str/agi can be a support too
    - carry , semi-carry ( well , it must be a ganker , ex : viper , venom ) , support ( i use this a lot when i dont have enough player to play 5v5 :rofl: )
    - carry , carry , support ( this is a risky play , but if u are good enough , u can pawned ur enemies in late game )
    - and there is still so many of them :)

    3 . pick on combo , always remember to balance the team , dont pick all str just because it has a good combo . ex : nevermore , magnus , darkseer .

    hope this helped u :D , i'm still a newbie on this game, but i will do my best ^_^

    Note : sorry for bad english :p:
  6. EDF-GDF

    EDF-GDF Well-Known Member

    Some hints about 3v3 :
    -disables are great. By disabling one ennemy, you disable 1/3 of its team instead of 1/5. Therefore Bane is often adviced.
    -Strong solos are recquired, no matter what strat you want. The game will most likely be decided by who powns who in lane (not necessarily kills, but oufarming and outlveling).
    -Push can be easier, as they have to totally give up a lane or 2 if they want to help def. Therefore, Lycan and Brood, who are also strong solos, can be nice.
    -Having some mobility can help, but it's not compulsory. Like a good Furion who can often gank with tp, but beware of not letting your opponent too much freefarm in lane.
    -You shouldn't suffer a gank, if your allies warn you when one ennemy is missing, cuz it's immediately seen.
  7. Vot1_Bear

    Vot1_Bear Well-Known Member

    Void kunkka lich ultcombo is pretty funnnnnnnn
    Kunkka can be replaced with tiny if you insist on stuns, but any of them will do.
    Ints can also be replaced by other who have more disables, but CF+wellplaced chrono is epic plus he haz armor.
  8. BTS.Bread

    BTS.Bread Well-Known Member

    Void would probably not have fun in the lane.
  9. Thunderfoxx

    Thunderfoxx Well-Known Member

    lol ta for the replies but you guys are thinking too advanced. this is like a casual tourney at my college and most ppl there are noobs and the prize is only like R100 (or about $15 in american terms). so theres no real strats here im just trying to think of nice combos. previously we used like panda sven bara etc
  10. d.phoenixxx

    d.phoenixxx Well-Known Member

    Tinker, Furion, Lich.

    Furion is as good as an agility carry and his ultimate is practically free dagon on all 3 enemies at any point of time in the lane.

    Tinker and Furion can teleport anywhere and support and push any lane.

    Lich can deny like mad and harass like crazy with infinite mana. Chain Frost also works better when there are only 2-3 heroes to hit.

    Tinker provides enough AOE to stop any push strategy and his nukes are good for ganks early on.
  11. BTS.Bread

    BTS.Bread Well-Known Member

    Pick Tinker at least.
  12. Lama051

    Lama051 Moderator

    Doom+Bane+ Some huge DPS .
    Basically Bane Sleeps one, Grabs the other, Doom dooms third and DPS finishes off those 2 disabled. Once the third wakes up proceed to rape 1v3
  13. PerCo

    PerCo Well-Known Member

    Lol. I want in that tourney, im in windhoek. I take me and my brother and we come rape your little campus.

    Jokes aside, Tinker is prolly a really good pick as well as lich- best solo hero. If they really are noobs, pick something like morph and farm your ass off.
  14. Thunderfoxx

    Thunderfoxx Well-Known Member

    you guys rate a tinker would beat a spiritbreaker in 1v1? cause teamwork is really not as present as you think
  15. Cueshe

    Cueshe Well-Known Member

    How about Lich and Vengeful Spirit and Traxex?
  16. Fixthemix

    Fixthemix Well-Known Member

    Furion makes ganking possible with his teleport, so he's without a doubt one of the most powerful picks for a 3v3.

    Rhasta might be great as well (potentially disabling the entire enemy team), but he's nothing special in a solo lane. Does bring much needed pushing power though.

    A Huskar if an enemy team is stupid enough to pick a melee carry. If he swaps lane, Huskar swaps lane.

    Lich sounds sweet as well. Great ultimate, great denying skill, tons of team armor and automatic fail for enemy melee carries.

    Viper seriously rape certain solo lanes, so he might be one to consider as well.

    Windrunner because of her great scaling (early/mid/late), superb lane control, etc.


    Would probably go Furion/WR/Lich.
  17. guncraze

    guncraze Member

    this is our enemy.... MAGINA, OMNIKNIGHT and LICH... our hero is Sand King, QoP and Dk.... we lost hahaha. we auto banned huskar, alche and lycan.. and suggest 3 on 3 pick? We do CM mode
  18. Fixthemix

    Fixthemix Well-Known Member

  19. beetin

    beetin Well-Known Member

    Lich, bane, furion, brood, WR, weaver, invoker, luna, viper, venom, gyro.

    Of those I'd say lich, bane/gyro/weaver, luna makes for my favorite team, or lich, brood/venom, invoker.
  20. BTS.Bread

    BTS.Bread Well-Known Member

    But laning is, so Tinker is much better than SB.