3 UK Dota Players very experienced Lf 2 more

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by R34LG00D, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. R34LG00D

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    Hi all, I'm currently looking for 2 more experienced Dota 2 players to join me and my 2 mates online, were all experienced, since back in 2007 and have a great knowledge of the game. The way we play is to have fun and a laugh, aswell as being serious and competitive, we want to win every game! Were not a group of ragers so if your someone who literally screams when you die then don't even bother posting. And we do have a life outside of Dota so sometimes we might not be on, but most days and especially nights we will be. As i said above were are all very experienced, skilled and have good reaction, were not sloths so if your interested leave post below. Were lookin foir players because were tired of matchmaking and getting 2 retards on our team, we usually can carry but seriously its shit. We also use skype to chat so having that is a must. If things go well we will play more competitively online

    Last thing, if you have a wooden computer or shocking internet and run the game at 10 fps, just dont, really dont bother trying to ask.

    Thanks :)
  2. Rikoshay

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    Well fair enough. I'm interested.
    Location: Belgium
    Age: 17
    Rager?: Nope not at all unless russians be russian. Implying its public matchmaking I'm talking about.
    Skype with Mic: Yes available to both.
    How experienced am I? I've been playing DotA eversince 2004
    That's pretty much it.
  3. JockeDragos

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    I'm interested.
    Name: Jocke
    Location: Romania
    Experience: 5 years Dota1, and half year Dota2
    Good pc/internet connection/microphone
    English - pretty good
    Age: 18, almoust 19 :)
    Steam ID
    I can play all roles...
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  4. Tzukimi

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    Hey guys, I would certainly be interested. I might not be hardcore active, but unless I'm away, I generally play every night for a few hours. And like yourselves I've grown sick of pubbing it up continuously with feeding pudges and what not.
    I'm from Ireland. Generally, I play all roles but recently its been more support/initiator since, as you can imagine, pub people don't like non-imba faceroll characters.

    My Steam id is: here
  5. R34LG00D

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    Cheers all, some reason i cant add people on steam atm, so add me ,
    names , R34LG00D

  6. R34LG00D

    R34LG00D Well-Known Member

    Edit* Added you now, thanks all
  7. DL.Tirend

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    I'm interested.
    Name: Tirend
    Location: Moldova
    Experience: 9years Dota1, and half year Dota2
    Good pc/internet connection/microphone
    English - pretty good
    Age: 20
  8. Luye

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    Hey, this is exactly what I was looking for!

    Let me introduce myself, I'm Thomas, commonly using the pseudonym Luye. I'm a 23 year old student in Scotland. Next few weeks I will not be able to be very active, but that will change when exams are done, mid May.

    I played the original dota, but could never get into it as team/opponents always left. I played Starcraft Broodwar for some time before Wc3 and dota. After that it was mainly SC2 (platinum) and LoL for quite a long time. I've been transitioning into Dota 2 for the past 3 months (got a beta key a month ago), I've been thrilled about this game since I first looked into it. I'm not quite at the point yet where I know every champions abilities down to numbers per rank, but I know how almost all of the characters work. I'm a very fast learner and would love to play and learn with a proper team.

    I'm probably far from a top player at this point, but I have made a lot of progress recently. I'm usally confident enough to call shots in pub games now and generally my map awareness has improved a lot. Hope to have the opportunity of playing with you folks.

    My rig has 2xATI 6970 and on a 100 mbs connection, my loading times should be fairly short.
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  9. MB.

    MB. New Member


    iam very interested in your offering of testgames with u guys.
    Im 24 and from Germany. At the moment im studying.
    I think i played DotA1 for 6-7 Years and swap in November last year completly to DotA2.I played in different Leagues like Pickleague,Argh-LEague, Excello-Cup and this french League.^^
    Especially im looking for skilled Poeple for nice and entertaining matches. Actually i cannot enjoy any MM Games anymore.
    Im a very experienced Player and was allready Member of some Int. Clans back in the days.
    I nearly like to play any role but Support/ Fullsupport. Im rly variable.
    I can not promise to be online everyday but im really active in the late Evening and in the Night generally.
    I think in near future i also can spend more time for playing DotA2 as im allready doing.
    I would like u guys to try me out.


    Atm my Steam is down since one day, some Problem in Stemn going on right now which should get fixed atleast tomorrow i think. I hope they fix that early.
    If u add my on Steam i will reply as fast as possible.

    greetz MB
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  10. ThuggishSaucer

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    Hey man,
    Just got really tired of terrible players who go off on their own and refuse to stick together late game... At first matchmaking was fine but not these days. I live in the UK and play at least a few games most nights, I'm a friendly dude who likes to have a good laugh (and win ofc) :cool1:
    My sn is ThuggishSaucer too and I have Sykpe so feel free to add me :rambo: