3 best and worst hero model of dota2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by puck75, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. puck75

    puck75 Well-Known Member

    best : doom bringer

    worst : sf
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  2. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    they are awesome.
  3. g1mme

    g1mme Well-Known Member

  4. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Well-Known Member

    The best:Tidehunter,Doom,Spectre
    The worst:Storm,Weaver,Earthshaker
  5. HockeyHippo

    HockeyHippo Well-Known Member

    Best: Doom, Night Stalker, Puck

    Worst: Crix, Storm, Lion

    You can vote on which ones you like here:
    DOTA 2 Feedback
  6. Darkgam3r06

    Darkgam3r06 Well-Known Member

    best: gabe newel secretshop, viper, mirana

    worst: lion, venge, anti mage

  7. weaver mirana and storm look balls.

    clock looks awesome.
  8. Infiltrator

    Infiltrator Well-Known Member

    Best? Hmmm...

    Balanar, Mirana and Windrunner


    Stormspirit, ES and SK.
  9. PI-Dimension

    PI-Dimension Well-Known Member

    best: WR, Weaver, Balanar
    worst: Puck, Lion, Storm
  10. tubesocks

    tubesocks Well-Known Member

    Best: Tiny, Pudge, Nature's Prophet

    Sand King; Looks like lobster.
    Storm Spirit; Too small.
    Chen; Just looks plain stupid.
  11. mahcookie

    mahcookie Well-Known Member

    This shit again -.-
  12. TheTuninator

    TheTuninator Well-Known Member

    Windrunner, Lina and Drow are my favorites. VS is my least favorite, she just looks kinda..off. Think it's the colors, I always pictured her as darker.

    I don't get all the PotM hate, she looks awesome.
  13. Quiesce

    Quiesce Well-Known Member

    1- Earthshaker - Awesome
    2- Clockwerk - Awesome
    3- Morphling - Awesome
    4- Vengeful Spirit - Red theme or gtfo.
    5- Crystal Maiden - Still lookin sexy.
    6- Lion - What is that fat man is he going to finger me? -> Needs work
    7- Pugna - Portrait needs work, along with skull head. Too flamed.
    8- Ancient Apparition - Pimp. Needs a more realistic ice body though.
    9- Lich - Awesome
    10- Weaver - Less teal, more black.
    11- Windrunner - GINGER <3
    12- Shadow Fiend - Cool!
    13- Spectre - HAWT!
    14- Enigma - eh. Needs more of an arcane feel and LOSE THAT AWFUL BLACK TURD AROUND HIS FEET
    15- Venomancer - Kinda looks mechanical...? More organic look needed.
    16- Doom - He's fucking huge and thin. Shrink his height or increase his waist-line.
    17- Witch Doctor - Can't say I've seen WD.
    18- Tidehunter - Needs a bit more work. Maybe add the armor on the fish?
    19- Enchantress - HUMAN WAT lol, no problem! Awesome
    20- Puck - Kinda looks froggy. Needs more color.
    21- Chen - HE'S BLACK WAT lol, no problem! Awesome
    22- Lina - Sexy as ever. No more pointy boobs!
    23- Storm Spirit - Who is this fat fuck needs a more spirit themed model.
    24- Beastmaster - HUMAN WAT animations need a bit of work. Model is good!
    25- Furion - Name needs changing. Naturalist/Prophet are good. Love the model!
    26- Razor - WHIP FTW
    27- Necrolyte - Needs more spirit! :D
    28- Dazzle - Lol, haven't seen dazzle!
    29- Nightstalker - The mouth. AWESOME.
    30- Sven - WIN
    31- Leshrac - Less teal, less color.
    32- Sniper - Haven't seen this!
    33- Tinker - WIN!
    34- Sandking - Needs a less mechanical look.
    35- Rhasta - WHERE IS MY BELOVED TROLL lol, no problem. I haven't seen rhasta though.
    36- Anti Mage - DAM DAT MOHAWK. Cool!
    37- Dark Seer - If you're going to make him dark-themed, start by making him completely enveloped in darkness, not just a smidget of his original form remaining.
    38- Pudge - Lol, needs more roughness. Cool!
    39- Drow Ranger - Sexy. Needs depth though.
    40- Slardar - BIG CHIN! I love the model though.
    41- Mirana - hispanic? NO PROBLEM! Love the oversized ermine.
    42- Zeus - Haven't seen him!
    43- Tiny - lol, my little stone toad is growing up! :D
    44- Faceless Void - He's faceless! Awesome!
    45- Axe - Wow, he wasn't picked AT ALL
    46- Viper - Needs a less mechanical look, reduce his greens. Increase the organic look.

  14. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

    Best: doom, ns, storm/mirana

    worst: lich, clock, viper

    PS: zeus is epic too!
  15. sesmc

    sesmc Well-Known Member

    1. Doom
    2. Doom in bkb form
    3. Doom when he's pigged
  16. puck75

    puck75 Well-Known Member

    which game u saw zeus? didnt saw him in the tournament
  17. sunnymarcell

    sunnymarcell Banned

    best is doom with BKB turned on. MAAN, in ehome vs. MYM he real looked like diablo... not a wingy fancy shitfag what he is in dota.

    worst is actually morphling while walking. WTF IS HE DOING WITH HIS HANDS?

  18. tubesocks

    tubesocks Well-Known Member

  19. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

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