2v2 best pair?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Lilith Aensland, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Lilith Aensland

    Lilith Aensland Well-Known Member

    post your best 2v2 hero pairs here
  2. Desirable

    Desirable Well-Known Member

    drow+almost anyone >.>
  3. Crippen

    Crippen Well-Known Member

    bane + whatever
  4. Afterburn

    Afterburn Active Member

    TC + TC
  5. nightmarez

    nightmarez Member

  6. .Budi

    .Budi Well-Known Member

    There is already one topic like that -_-
  7. Desirable

    Desirable Well-Known Member

    Idk how you can actually quantify a "best pair". It is pretty situational. :/
  8. MeePwn

    MeePwn Well-Known Member

    All the so far noted lanes are easily owned by

    Abaddon & Viper, they have been strong in 6.59d but are wicked sick in 6.60.
  9. RazedBlossoms

    RazedBlossoms Well-Known Member

    Bane + KotL, weeee.
  10. Luxis

    Luxis Well-Known Member

    Doc with N'aix is quite good imo. While Doc puts Maledict, stuns and uses ward, N'aix turns on his armlet and he will eat the enemies wheter they are str/agi or int. If he wouldn't net a kill the maledict sure thing will.
  11. TheBlackFlak_

    TheBlackFlak_ New Member

    Its true that 2v2 Hero combinations are very situation dependant, but i would just like to share one combination which i used a while back. It definatly isn't the best, because its easily countered, but its good in its own way and quite entertaining.

    Use KotL + Necrolyte. Kotl with arcane ring, Necro with mekanism. This gives you guys 2 mana heals (Chakra magic + arcane) and 2 HP heals (Mekanism and Death Pulse), note that necro also would have sadist for even more mana :) Basically win with a push strategy in <20 minutes.
  12. dtnmang

    dtnmang Well-Known Member

    bane + anything that moves.
  13. Darentei

    Darentei Well-Known Member

    Mirana (fave/best) or Viper (great solo) mid, Tide/Rexxar forest (stunning ultimate). Won countless 2v2 battles with this, including a tournament.

    Bane remains a prime choice of course, but kinda boring.
    Omniknight is just extremely annoying.

    ALWAYS go forest in 2v2.

    Lately, more heroes have shown to be potentual forest heroes, some of which are used in normal games but doesn't do so well in 2v2. These include:
    N'aix, Enigma, Troll (farm shitloads), Terrorblade and many others.
    If you have the extra gold (I usually play with this), get HotD and dominate a creep. Get Quelling ASAP then, at least if you're melee. If you think you can manage without lifesteal, don't get HotD.

    If you don't have the extra gold, your choice of heroes will be limited, and your farming will be slow...

    That said, versus inexperienced (pub) players, I've won with Pit Lord and Ezalor, and even Vengeful and Techies.

    Finally, you might want to get Diffusal, Linkens, Hood or BKB depending on the situation, namely Omniknight, nukers that gets dual Arcane Rings, stunner combos or harrasers.
  14. Infrisios

    Infrisios Moderator

    Basically good 2on2 heroes:
    Viper (lane dominance, 2 slows, carrypotential)
    Bane (2 disables, a pure dmg nuke, a skill to get rid of a carry's dmg).

    Basically you always need at least one disable, but it can also work with a massive amount of slows (Viper+Huskar is effective even without disable f/ex).

    A plan to win is to get a lane-dominant hero like Viper and a jungler, so you have the advantage of a sololane but won't get raped on it.
  15. Stalker

    Stalker Well-Known Member

    Venge & Drow
    Venom & Viper
  16. m1pe

    m1pe Well-Known Member

    Bane + Rhasta since the Rhasta's ultimate can hit the enemy even if he's sleeping. Count how long he will be hitten by those things..


    Also, Voodoo has 13sec cd, Shackles 16sec and Sleep 20sec so they would be cooled again pretty shortly afterwards.