Casual 1v5 Luna 2 by Tuvok

Discussion in 'DotA Replays' started by LtTuvok, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Alright Boys! Mew ish going to review this one and stuff nya! Haven't watched anything so I'll just write as I go! Gotta see what this guy is capable of!

    Starting items include courier and phase boots, perfect choice! Raw damage is very very good on the early stages of 1v5, allowing you to establish dominance nyan! +24 is pretty high! HotD is also over 20! Now that's power nyan!

    Early rune get! Illusion great for first blood like this! Even waited for enemies to get to lane so that's a nice touch ^^ First Blood on Feeder of the light easy easy nyan!

    Ohhh hoho nyaa, trash talk from our friend Sniper! THis is gonna be 2x enjoyable for you Lieutenant. Now uh.. Let's go mid and attack CK... HOW WERE YOU LOSING THAT NYA!? Luna so squiiishy squish! Can't believe you couldn't just win with DPS... So weird nyeee...

    Snipey seems like a much safer kill ^_^ He can't do anything, baaam! Autoattack some creeps and then.. YEAH CK IS NOT ATTACKING BACK NYA! Boom dead, final hit right on time~ Mhm, your damage to towers isn't too bad. OHHH Dominate Cent, let the funz begin nyaa!

    Enemies teampushing.. Why they so decent!? Where's the noobs that die to tower nyee!? Anyways.. Invis was super useful to dab that kill, shame you couldn't get more nya. Oh cute, waited at bot for rune and... It spawned right there! Lucky <3 Now time to kick butt! Poor poor Undying.. Always gets the worst stuff... No tobstone either meow...

    CK SO STRONG NYEE!! ._. At least your escape was smart. Back to mid and.. Ohh a tombstone! Undying.. Dies again << SO much for undying nya. Now that was just too ballsy nya, Luna just can't destroy them in groups for some reason... T.T Dead Luna.

    It seems they can't do much without CK... Undying and Weaver could do very little to stop you nya. You played well that part ^-^ Killing them both bewm! Though don't think Eclipse hits invisible units... Push, farm, nice nice... MYTHRIL HAMMER NYAN! That's gonna be a BKB right? o-o great idea! <3 And right after Ult finally does some work, doublekilling Undying and Weaver as they again tried to push mid nya.

    Undying quits yaaay! One down and 4 to go! These games turn way easier once you manage to dwindle their numbers... As you may already know from experience nya. Oooooh Sniper too wtf nya? They could totally have won nya... Maybe they saw your BKB rawr! From here on it's just gonna be a walk in the park.

    Grab some towers, defend, money money,.. Manta... How has the game not ended yet meow? Aaaand here we go! Ezalor begins crying.. Then dies almost immediately tehee! Along with a tower nya.So yeah it... Kinda is already over even of the timer says there's a while to go... Weaver tries to push but he can't really do anything- he didn't exactly go Radiance build meow. He even dies a while later too!

    Ok THERE WE GO BoT! The perfect item for this! Why didn't mew think of it? @_@ Finally mid push and get tower aand rax! That KotL Dagon was just not fast enough to make a difference nyan.

    Uh.. Why did you TP back to heal in front of a Regen rune? o-o Oh well uh... Rapier nya!
    GG Nya!

    The game overall wasn't as bad as other people make these seem. Tuvok didn't do anything stupid and always knew what to do. Got many runes when it mattered and the item build was nice albeit squishy. Yes, it was a boring game but what can you expect when half of it is vs KotL and Weaver? slooooow!
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    Thank you for that rewiew, it's always nice to see someone actually watches replay.
    It was easy one, and the only one I won today. The rest were meh... I mean, how can I win if they random cm, nessaj, naix, naga and slark? I'm just sorry that I fucked up that necro game, I had it and blew it away. :(
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    Good aggressive gameplay. I guess buying the bottle was a blessing in disguise as you were constantly hunting for runes and getting kills on the way. Got lucky versus Nessaj at mid very early in the game, but after that there was no turning back.

    02:49 [All] Trassil: u cant win this
    17:50 : Trassil has left the game :facepalm:
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    good play . thanks
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    Y, here you can see runewhoring at it's best.

    Haha, that sniper.... :)
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    easy as pie
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    thx for the review mittens ;)
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