1v1 dota best heroes

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by aldy147, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. aldy147

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    hello, what are the best heroes for 1v1 apomnp?

    Rules:who ever destroys two towers first wins or who ever killz the other hero 3 times wins.
  2. Morbius

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  3. SlashStrike

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    Stop the "who's the best" threads already, if there was a best hero dota would be a fucked game and loads of people wouldn't play it. It's balanced, heroes counter other heroes, end of story.
  4. Bovver

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    Dota is a team game (5v5), not solo (1v1)

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  5. Witchking

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    Preferrably any hero that dishes out good damage in a short amount of time and has an innate disable like Tiny, Kunkka, etc.


    one of the great pushers like furion, brood, etc.

    In any case, you need someone with lane control.
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  6. beyOnd

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    Ezalor,Atropos,Broodmother,Warlock,Tinker,Leshrac,Furion,Visage,Pudge,Venomancer,Puck,Krobelus,Pugna,Lion,Nerubian Assasin.. etc.. pushers/nukers ... no late game heroes only powerfull early/mid game heroes...
  7. DieSmiling666

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    there is no best hero in 1v1.. maybe there's a best player :D
  8. Zephirdd

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    Bane Elemental.

  9. DirtyEpic

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    Come on buddy, there are many threads about this, just use the search button.

  10. dominator02

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    Already posted this before and there is no the best in 1v1.
  11. InNeedOfFreedom

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    agreed you should now this
  12. Ivanns

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    DotA isn't meant to be played 1v1, it is a 5v5 game...
  13. Jay.J

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    People who say DotA is balanced blah blah blah - well it's balanced for 5vs5 - not 1vs1. There are clearly heroes who are much stronger in 1vs1.

    Bane is an excellent example, as is Brood (If they didn't happen to get AoE). Axe can be quite a nuisance - and of course, Doom Bringer. Death Prophet, Lina, Lion and Pugna also deserve a quick mention.
  14. Manta

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    Seriously, use that search function.

    O wait, we have one?
  15. Kugaa-No-Kame

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    Yes , DotA IS a game of 5v5 players , but please understand him / her / it ? cuz' he's maybe playing with his neighbour or something on LAN for fun or anything related . 1v1 is still an option , if its not , then they shouldn't make the option .

    On topic -

    Try Drow Ranger , players underestimate her A LOT , I repeat A LOT . With Tankers who can nuke or gank at the same time , its low chance she'll able to 1v1 against those types of heros but for Agi heros , she rocks . This includes Intel heros , Silence is sitting beside Frost Arrows :] . Buy Lothars , go invi , creep behind the enemy hero or on places that he / she / it might go escaping , activate frost arrows , shoot the hero ONCE cuz' the extra 125 damage is rewarding , after that 1 shot , silence , then auto-cast Frost Arrows , shoot-shoot-shoot like a cannon , silence again when you can , if enemy gets away , lothars , catch-up and shoot again , don't forget silence , then he ... yes you guessed it right , dies .Do this only if you're confident that you CAN kill the hero . Dont go pass towers unless you think you have sufficient health to keep chasing . Level 10 and above recommended for this tactic . Practice this tactic and you'll get what I mean .

    If the hero is a tank-nuke / gank , play defensively , max silence first , and push towers as fast as you can , towers and the rax are your main priorities , ignore the hero . it should be easy since you have a high DPS and a fast AS [ wraith bands , agi treads , lothars extra 10 AS , your marksmanship agi gains ] . Don't approach the enemy if he's the " active tank-nuke / gank type " . When he goes near , silence and run , silence won't last forever . [ An example should be Doom Bringer , he loves poking Drow's soft spot ] . Be mobile and active , she has a skinny body so she does'nt have stamina problem , she can do marathons anytime across the bloody field. Move around , don't go static on one lane , when the hero comes , silence and run to the furthest lane , and destroy the tower on that lane , he comes you silence , run and change lanes , repeat and you should be fine , not 100% though >.> . By playing defensively , you won't get rapid kills as you play offensively , but you may get kills when you reached the Frozen Throne / World Tree since that time you have your cores , usually butterfly , manta / lothars [ your choice ] , 2x wraiths and more . Map awareness is important anddddddddddd ..........that's it ? Good Luck .
  16. Kraju

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    furion if choosen against right enemy
  17. kyokunchan

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    I will pick any hero i wont because Hero dont matter if the player is better.