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    1. ArsenalMagus
      Are you actually giving hats away or was that a troll thread?
    2. Haasva
      ByeBye dude, I hope you will still come back and play :)
    3. 300thecat
      I was playing along actually and could've closed it earlier =)

      It's been months and it still takes me a while to stop staring at your sig and avatar...
    4. DrFrank~
      Lupin the Third. Nais.
    5. Kiido
      Gonna need a source for the gif in your sig...
    6. GodlyKha
      Shuriken toss takes mana you don't have. In order to sustain it, you need to buy mana items. The gold you spend on mana items, is gold you don't spend on damage/chasing/utility/etc items. Not only that, but higher level windwalk even reduces the mana you spend sustaining it, making it *cheaper* (longer CD = less recasts while roaming). With just wind walk / track actives, you need only a *stick* to sustain yourself. So before even looking at how massively better it is in laning to harass the enemy in terms of mana::damage ratio, you have better ganking damage output anyway, rendering shuriken toss moot- wind walk gives 60/60/60/60 bonus physical damage per skill point if you hit someone with it twice in a gank (overlapping cd), compared to 100/100/50/75 on shuriken. If you get just 40 extra damage in hits from items bonus by eschewing mana sustain for items like phase boots, oov, pms, then you're dealing more damage with wind walk then jinada.

      So then you wind up comparing two builds that give roughly equivalent damage, one that has a ministun and range (but you'll still both need to get into melee range and be able to anyway), the other that has much better chasing/utility/survivability/etc, can dodge projectiles with a better fade time, functions better with no early gold, harasses the lane, shits tiffany cufflinks for you, comments on your good looks and drives you home when you're wasted.
    7. SzotyMAG
      I have problem with adding a new sound effect to replace another in dota files
      in the readme file, it says to put it to like dota 2 beta/dota/sounds/weapons/hero/warlock
      but i checked my dota files, and after sounds folder, there is only an ui folder and mastercache file
      Please help!
    8. jyzzy
      It was still the time people were saying that a fully farmed Medusa is unbeatable. It was my early days of rampaging with Slark. After beating that Dusa while being the only carry on my team I fell in love with Slark. It's supposed to mean this game has sentimental value for me. Unfortunately only the pic survived the years, the replay being long lost.
      Oh and what do you mean by "I have been seeing that for ages"? Don't you tell me you see every day scary fully farmed carries running around with 3 stats total.
    9. raqyee
      You haven't seen enough loli's then :3
    10. raqyee
      Don't see how pedophila has anything to do with it, but okay.
    11. Fairy_Navi
      Hey! Listen!

      Being coy are we?... Seriously, I don't even know what you are mad about. Am I supposed to know who you are? Because I honestly have no clue. And I do not know what ''I didn't mean it as offensive'' is supposed to mean.

      Please enlighten me with your ''superior mental health'' which gives you such an obvious advantage in the english language.


      Your superior

    12. Fairy_Navi
      Hey! Listen!

      Dear lesser being

      How did I manage to piss you off so badly? If you disagree with me on an issue. You can at least have the deceny to tell me what you disagree about.


    13. InvokerofTime
    14. 5chneemensch
      IIRC you had a FB page for modding D2. Link me pls.
    15. SzotyMAG
      Can you link a Maya preset for Dota 2 postering? Thanks
    16. otomo
      well its a very cool system, I'm glad you're helping so many people out :D
    17. otomo
      Wow, have any of them been implemented?
    18. otomo
      I just saw it, its very impressive, who designed all these designs? you?
    19. inscissors
      Thnx 4 mods!!
    20. Secchan
      thats some awesome work youre doing for the community.

      and i still fucking love your sig
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