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Oct 14, 2010
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    1. E02K
      i got a bug with your hud mods, whats your steam nameagain?
    2. abdo123
      We need Updates on The Bloog :] , or at least Teach Us Master .
    3. otomo
    4. otomo
      Nooo :(

      I want de moneyz...
    5. otomo
      Money! how we makez it?
    6. GodlyKha
      Also this one
    7. otomo
      we really need to find some way for both of us to make money.... any ideas? did CPM leader accept you?
    8. otomo
      We need to find something for us that works :(

      how many views do you get anyways?
    9. otomo
      Hows adsense? did you get it? :D

      I really need to find some sort of CPM thing dude, I like writing but it would be nice if I made a few bucks from it.
    10. otomo
      Link is the same one I open through my blog, anyways keep me updated dude and I wish you the best.
    11. otomo
      How can you even apply? when I open the adsense dashboard all I get is this

      "Account Not Active
      An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as it is associated with an unapproved application. For more information about your application, please review the message we sent to the email address you provided with your application."
    12. otomo
      I hope you get it dude, I got rejected for it once and now I can't seem to ever even apply for it again :(
    13. otomo
      Extremely little, I mean like... barely worth it.

      I get 20 cents for every 1k visitors, but it depends on the area, USA gets you 50 cents while some places get you like 0.03...

      Honestly I have yet to find an ad service to be worth it, I keep expirementing with different ones and haven't found a single one that is really worth it. Project wonderful has made the most money for me so far ( 16 bucks is Ok I suppose) But it's still very little.

      Do you have any ad service that you think is worth while?
    14. otomo
      if you ask them to they will, just send them a link of your blog.. oh and send me a link to it as well :D
    15. otomo
      So yeah... hii :D
    16. otomo
      mine was " does not comply with policies" even though I didn't put anything bad on it.

      Hmm if you're looking for ad websites why not use me as a referrel?

      I use CPMleader ( http://www.cpmleader.com/index.php?ref=7006) it's not amazing but it's okay.

      Nuffnang is an asian add website but it's mostly CPC.

      and the best one is Project wonderful as it's based on people bidding for your ad space, but they don't bid much, still it doesn't rely as much on visitors ( which can be good or bad )

      Use me as a referrel if you can :D
    17. otomo
      Thank you, I need to add a bit more about boots of travel and a few other heroes and weaver.

      I wish I had an adsense account but I applied multiple times each time rejected and now I can't even apply anymore. If I could get adsense I wouldn't need to use any other ad website and it would make everything so much easier for me :/
    18. otomo
    19. 300thecat
      I actually went out of my way to look for Daisy Lowe when you just changed your sig haha. She looks so Deschanel, but wayy prettier.
    20. Patskie14
      Wtf man, you got me there. :( I was hoping for hats..
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