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    1. Lycan
      1. Making a thread in site feedback.
      2 PMing strategy mods, Style, Tyr, and Justin.
      3. PMing 28awg

      That should be the order.
    2. Lycan
      I think an important question I forgot to ask is. Where specifc is the moderation in strategy lacking? For it's imporant to keep the oldfags interested but you can't expect a newer player to know all the fundaments on what the "oldfags" discussion but it should still be "allowed" for them to participate in it for that's when they'll actually start learning things. Just as the meta is constantly shifting if someone made a thread 2 months ago with Omni is fucking op... it could've been considerd trolling... or just someone who was ahead of the rest. Such things are required to consider at the same time as well. It's important that it's coexists and intermingles.
    3. Lycan
      Well Justin is the head of strategy so Tyr or Style will most likely not overrule him... since He's also a forum manager i don't suspect Serbia or Wivot going to overrule him either. So it's basicly 28awg...

      But the line is as follows.

      Strategy mods Tyr Style etc.
      Strategy supervisor Justin
      Forum managers Serbia,Wivot, Justin, Fly etc.
      Head of staff -> 28Awg

      And no there's not direct system anywhere on this site for well even we are lost sometimes and it's also a matter of personal interest where rights are granted. For someone like me
      i have no use for rights in mechanics section for instance.... i only visit it to ask questions not to answer them ;P. And that's how the majority of rights have been handed out.
    4. Lycan
      I honestly have no clue.... perhaps with some workaround but that are things to be discussed with the moderator that handed the infraction. Or taken up higher with 28awg... nothing more i can do. The only strategy rights i have are withing the guide area. And i lack time to mod full strategy anyway.
    5. Lycan
      Well having such a bad record doesn't maak you look like "mod material" since posting record is taken into account.....
      7 expired infractions 1 active total of 8infraction... 8 out of 9maximum amount of infractions.... for a permaban...
      3 expired warnings....

      And about modding Strategy
      You could make use of site feedback get some supporters who feel the same and things might change.
    6. Lycan
      Isn't it about time you put your differences aside with less smart people and just treat them with some respect? Since it looks like that's the only reason you get infractions anyway...
    7. Lycan
      banned again ?
    8. Urna-
      k lets see what we can do for this Friday
    9. SWAT-OwNaGe
      hey i saw ur msg for team recruitment im on everday for lots of games mid skilled trying to become competitive mainly play support/carry but i can play gank if needed if interested let me get ur vent info and ill come join u guys for a few clan war tryouts otherwise u can contact me on IP: Port: 3951 my channel is passworded so just send me a private chat ill most likely be in a game, i wouldnt really check msgs on here also can contact me SWAT-OwNaGe all realms for bnet and Garena
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