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Aug 21, 2016
    1. mapdesigner
      I created a smurf and calibrated nearly my exact mmr

      how surprising xD (my mmr is 3.3 I calibrated in 5 matches about 3.6-3.8k mmr lol)
    2. mapdesigner
      hey spiritah,

      now I realize that calibration does not only count win/ loss to detimine mmr , but also counter healing and hero dmg etc

      man this is dissapointing :| (I thought in TBD every match give you more than just 25 mmr until u r detirmined)
    3. mapdesigner
      hello spiritah

      I have read juice thread about MMR expiriment. he said he pick mids or strong heroes (slark, ta, etc). I was wonder, is there any other expiriment like that but with different heroes? supports maybe? etc?
    4. wizardhorse
      Do you play US servers?
    5. Hyperion1O1
      Can I ask a favor?

      Would you mind making a more detailed HOTD Sven guide so I can post it in the Mega Thread? I'm asking this because you're the most experienced in the hero and it would boost awareness for Sven overall so plebs dont blindly go MoM every fucking game

      Either way, thanks for listening
    6. justsightseeing
      heeey.. i see you reply my post about computer spec. what do you mean google how to change the setting.. did you mean my laptop setting or my dota setting, or my steam setting?
    7. Kris
      Do I have you on Steam?
    8. Animus2280
      welp, i had a few days of decent teammates after 6.84 and now i'm dropping again

      maybe i'm just a terrible 5k shitter
    9. Animus2280
      i'm not gonna lie, i've found games at 5.5k easier than at 4.7-4.9k, mainly cuz people actually play real dota and if u try to make a play, people will understand and cooperate with u instead of sitting back and waiting for you to die (which is what happens to me every time i or anyone else wants to bait)

      i think several months ago, that range became a TBD/smurf/boosted/retard bracket and apparently i was blessed by the Almighty himself that I was able to get out of it and never return (haven't dropped below 5.2k in ages, i'm fairly confident in my carrying abilities to 6k)

      people in the high 4k range remind me of unfair bots - good at last hitting/denying, and bad at everything else. obviously that doesn't apply to all of them, but to the vast majority

      needed to rant so badly after i played on my smurf and forgot how terrible everyone was, and the fact that my 4ks consistently lose to other 4ks might have something to do with hidden pool (whereas i'm usually polite/don't talk at all on my 5.5k main, and get decent teammates except for at midnight to morning)
    10. minhogang
      so like, if a 4.5k player can improve on these "little things" then he can be 5500 quite easily? 5k players arent so extraordinary huh
    11. minhogang
      how do i get better
    12. Spiritah
      EU west :-)
    13. Kris
      What region are you from?
    14. SuperSheep
      Dragonfist is pretty unkind, he's skilled but I would not expect friendly advice from him.
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