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Oct 16, 2016
Jul 20, 2011
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Oct 16, 2016
    1. Ryugo

      Do you really want me to come back that much?
      I am trying to focus on my job and some other small things.
      It's not that I wouldn't find time to come here once again, I am bored with this site. :/
      It has been a good part of my life, just as dota itself has been. I can't really bring myself back here anymore. I don't want to come back here if it is just this... Empty.

      And I also don't want to become addicted to dota again. :P

      But hello. I am glad you still remember me.
    2. Jazdia
      Thank you.
    3. Anukali-kun
    4. JicktheDog
      BTW, are you a Filipino like EnkiL?
    5. DrFrank_
    6. JicktheDog
      I'm not 13, you stalker! Hahahaha! :rofl:

      I'm 20+

      Just trolling and spamming most of the time.
    7. JicktheDog
      Hello! You're the best Game Master!
    8. Ryugo

      It happens, I guess.

      When I said you seemed unstable, it was because I recall your drunk posting back then. :P

      About drawing some more again... Hm... As I said, it is hard because I can't find the time anymore.
      Thanks, by the way.
    9. Ryugo
      You what?

      I don't even remind these little trifles. And, hell, I am not drawing since long ago. Even before I started working. There are still things that come to mind sometimes that could be posted here, but this... While it helped me improve my english by quite a lot, it doesn't offer an experience as good as it was before.

      Plus, this Reborn idea, was said so many times over the course of the last years. This, and that Pit Lord was going to be in Dota 2.

      You're quite an unstable person, btw. :P
      Still, I am happy that you came to me to exchange some small talk. Cheers to you as well.
      I do hope you have more fun with your skills and stuff. I need more time for myself if I want to get anywhere first.
    10. Jazdia
      Butter cookies, pineapple tart, chocolate cookies.

      And often, we make desserts and sweet snacks for iftar
    11. Jazdia
      In this Ramadan, we make a lot of cookies! XD
    12. Jazdia
      Sorry for my seemingly-ignoring attitude. I went back to my hometown, and I don't have much spare time here.
    13. Anukali-kun
    14. Jazdia
      What a kind offer. Considering how expensive the cost to buy original game and my inability to create steam account :p

      Back to the time when I decided to not make steam account. It requires stable internet connection to run properly, something that I couldn't get here.
    15. Jazdia
      Crysis was good with its graphic quality, but that's all. It has nothing else to offer. I finished the campaign in 12 hours, and I don't think I will replay the mission anymore.

      Dragon Nest was a good online game. But, well, typically MMORPG problem it becomes more repetitive and boring. I hate to say this, but it's just matter of time until this game collapse, at least on my region.

      I really want to install another game, but I leave in the country where internet service is limited, expensive and unreliable as hell.
    16. Jazdia
      I already have Crysis 3 running smoothly on high setting, then Life is Strange, Dragon Nest, CS GO and some other online games.

      I wish I can get Skyrim, Far Cry 3/4 soon. Maybe Black Desert Online if they want to expand their service to SEA regional.
    17. Jazdia
      Desktop. I built it for gaming purpose, though some of its hardware might be considered outdated.
    18. Jazdia
      Oh good, while I am in the other hand, risking my new computer by visiting malicious website.

      Funny isn't it?
    19. Jazdia
      And you just ignore that goddamn warning?
    20. Jazdia
      Whenever I visit this website, my browser warns me about dangerous malware ahead.

      And now I am browsing this page in anxiety :/
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