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    1. Ostarion
      Didn't even know about HxH. Nice.

      Part 4 is a lot of people's favourite. I actually like a lot of other ones more, but part4 is still good. The main villain is awesome and looks like David Bowie. Araki was a fan. I find it ironic that Bowie died the same year as part 4 will be released. RIP.

      Anyway, april 1st hype! Inb4 april fools, and it gets revealed there is no show. ''It was just a prank''.
    2. FinalBossOfDotA
      Good news, hunter x hunter is coming back bitches!
      Along with jojo fridays coming back soon with what i feel might end up being my favorite part. It is a good time to be alive
    3. MWaser
      I want trolling lessons from this guy. He is fantastic at pissing off everyone around.
    4. FinalBossOfDotA
      Drawings were off again a lot of times this time. Strange how they're saving budget on on of the final episodes. Still think last one was the best jojo ep so far. not that this one was bad though. That was some crazy shit.
    5. FinalBossOfDotA
      That's odd... the last one had really crappy animation and drawings, they obviously saved their budget there, but I thought this was the one where everything looked great. And the aura was awesome! Even though it made no sense but it's okay because araki.
    6. Ostarion
      I did. It's not that it was bad. I just expected better animation. I know this isn't a 93' OVA with 6 episodes, but still. Also Dio's face looked off in a couple of shots. His aura effect was badly done and jarring. And playing Kakyoins theme right before he gets rekt was really bad.

      This was mostly in the first half though. I am positive they were saving their budget for the last two episodes. I expect them to be really good. And the time stop effect is perfect.
    7. FinalBossOfDotA
      Wut?? Did you watch the same episode as me?? The one with Kakyoin and awesome animation and loads of Za Warudo?
      RIP Kakyoin you were cool
    8. FinalBossOfDotA
      Shit what an episode. Best one of jojo so far. I need next week right now damnit.
    9. Ostarion
      Nice, haven't seen this one yet. This looks like it took quite some effort. Lol at Slamingo missing with all the balls.

      Lost 6 games in a row since I started playing dota again last week. Now I am at a 3 win streak. Still don't know how I feel about the patch, but it's quite fun for now.
    10. FinalBossOfDotA
    11. FinalBossOfDotA
      Yep all that is same here. Them jugger nerfs though
    12. FinalBossOfDotA
    13. summer-penguin
      well.. sry for this visitor messages too.
      i'm having a bad day.. i apologize, i took it on you.
    14. summer-penguin
      don't quote me to be an ass without even knowing what you're saying boy.
    15. summer-penguin
      i wasn't talking about you boy... get your things straight. wadda...
    16. Ostarion
      Thanks. I will go read it, now that the anime ended.
    17. FinalBossOfDotA
      Chapter 340 picks up where the anime left off. Gotta warn you though, it stops again at 349 because it's on a hiatus again due to the author's back problems. Also must translations for 341+ are pretty bad unless you can find the licensed translations by crunchyroll though I don't know where to find em.
    18. FinalBossOfDotA
      They also did Justice better though, from what I've seen from it. I should watch that one sometime.
    19. FinalBossOfDotA
      Of course. Who doesn't know about ZA WARUDO!? I've watched a bit of the OVA, but only the first half, so the second half is all spoiler zone for me.
    20. FinalBossOfDotA
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