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    1. Lycan
      i don't think so since the published guide takes it's data from the draft version
    2. Lycan
      the new spotlights have the same issue right now but yours seems to be fine again. Maybe the issue lies with the current spotlights... i've been bugging awg kwiz and keepwalking to look into it but i can't fix this. :(
    3. Lycan
      clearly our site system hates you >.>

      Could you try changing the name of your guide a little. In the past it did help the issue but when i try it for others it doesn't seem to solve it.
    4. Lycan
      Okay CnC_Rock found a solution for his guide

      Let's see if it works for others as well. Change the name of your guide to something different. That worked the issue for him so maybe it does for the others as well.
      try it and let me know
    5. NinjaMovesPro
      i'm glad that you're writing a new hero guide again :D
    6. NinjaMovesPro
    7. ShoutyShout13
      Your guide to Skywrath Mage is probaly the best one I've seen Now, thank you for telling me about what items I should get.
    8. KHatarnak
      Create guide on Rhasta if u want
      Btw awesome void guide
    9. NinjaMovesPro
      congrats sa SPOTLIGHT, DUDE!!!
    10. NinjaMovesPro
      hi there dude!

      i'm creating a hero guide (w/ could be unbelievable)

      i want to request from you banners for my guide if it's alright to u..
    11. NinjaMovesPro
      No, don't create a guide for :spec:. There is already a spotlighted (i.e. very2x good) guide for her from a forum staff.

      Try another hero like :gyro: because I have saw full of retarded guides for that old jet pilot. :D
    12. NinjaMovesPro
      how are you bro? long time no chat xP

      are you planning to make new guides or what? :;):

      me creating a new massive misc guide again hehe
    13. hyude
      Thank you very much bro. Of course All credit for you
    14. hyude
      Hello buddy, can i use your guide format on Dragonus? I want to create Guide about dragonus too, and i think your format is amazing
    15. NinjaMovesPro
      thnx buddy, i appreciate your help. i've just updated it yesterday and i haven't reviewed it for 10 hours coz i go to sleep after that. anyway, about on the color on the lessons, i intend it. it was before when i colored the description of the lessons with white but i lately found it to be not attractive. besides, i know that its color now isn't too much blurring in the eyes. I also have to follow the guide rules that the color of the subtitles in the table of contents should also be the color of its respective content.

      i've also changed the title intro. hope u lyk it (=
    16. NinjaMovesPro
      bro, i'm planning to change the title of my guide from "how to be smart and skilled" to "how to become a DotA professional". what do you think?

      if you agree, what other title would you suggest?
    17. NinjaMovesPro
      Yeah, right. I thought I'm free to give suggestions but I've got trolled. haha!
    18. NinjaMovesPro
      one more thing, buddy, since you've got stunning hero guides, I suggest you to create a dota 2 version of them at to share it to more players! Anyway, that's only an optional advise..
    19. NinjaMovesPro
      Assume you would suggest me the same picture I did, your guidelines would be: width 303, height 17, blue background, "say i like it on fabecook" aligned in the center of the banner, facebook's logo on the left and the ilike button on the right, border of the whole banner and of the text with a blue abit darker than the previous.
      ahh! ok man, bring it on! ty in advance!
    20. NinjaMovesPro

      I reviewed your skywraith guide. Here are my feedbacks:

      -don't write this "I think Skywrath Mage is both a support and a ganker." change it with "is a semi-carry". It's because he can roam and solo kill an enemy. If he's a support, he'll not work due to the type of his disables and poor mana pool.

      -on "[+] Huge ultimate's damage", add with "with very fast cooldown"

      -on "[-] No survavibility", change with "no reliable...". He don't totally lacks survavibility because of his silence and slow.

      -add replays!

      -last thing, how about the section on "how to create a kill with your combo of skills w/o using items?" I've didn't read something like this on for example, to solo kill potm, cast 3rdSkill (silence), then use 2ndSkill (slow), place your ultimate to the area where the target is taking, then cast the 1stSkill, normal attack, 1st skill, normal attack, ...

      I've read the conclusion part, too. thanx for acknowledging me! ahah [take note that i've imitated the way you smile LOL]
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