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    1. Captain Planet
    2. Captain Planet
      Captain Planet
      Is it just me or are most of the images in your sig broken?
    3. Nicolback
      Invite doesn't work. Says it was invalid / expired D:
    4. Anukali-kun
      Hey mister!

      Is this a shitty pic? dropped koki for the future claim and already informed them to the anime claim thread that I gonna replace "Doma Umaru" to her...
    5. Foede

      Too late :D
    6. Saved
    7. 5chneemensch
      C9, a stage based MMO brawler thingy like Dragon Next, Onigiri, or Vindictus.
    8. 5chneemensch
      Not sure if you caught that. I instantly thought about Vita.
    9. 5chneemensch
      Watch it nigga.
    10. 5chneemensch
      Nigga, have you watched Kure-nai yet?
    11. WaruAthena
      Mmm..Iunno. I look at the stuff I've watched and there is pretty much no correlation between them ಠ_ಠ I don't mind trying new stuff though.

      Looks interesting on Wikipedia, I think I'll give it a look. Though Google Image turns up some very Foede-level stuff ._.

      Already watched all of the seasons on the ones I've listed. I think I'll do that, then.
    12. WaruAthena
      Thinking about picking up an anime to watch soon after my exams are over.

      Since you're kingiest of anime that I know, got anything in mind? I don't really have any interest in the mainstream stuff. Stuff I've watched is Free, Tsuritama, SNK, Kuroko's Basketball, Natsume's Book of Friends and Mahouka something something jesus christ the title is long.
    13. 5chneemensch
      Have another.
    14. 5chneemensch
    15. 5chneemensch
      Genuinely cute.
    16. TheMessenger
      Hi, can you reviview this suggestion?

      Take Aim Remake - Elevation Range Bonus (Attack targets farther from higher ground.)
    17. 5chneemensch
      Basically me being stuck with Minotaur > Warrior > Fighter simply because "muh efficiency". This guy can fight 3 titans at once and win. That's why I'm running around asking a few people this stuff to get some fresh wind.
      Minotaur Fighters can end a 2p map in about 2 minutes and set enemies so much behind in a 4p map that you simply cannot lose anymore.
      The only reliable counters are Deathknights (Chaos spellcaster-Warrior hybrid) and Shamans (Chaos spellcaster). The Chaos sphere has a spell which removes 50% of current hp and prevents regeneration, and they got a potent magic nuke. And Shamans are still ok in a 1v1 encounter despite being a spellcaster. Tbh Shamans are even more OP than Fighters anyway once you get some manareg research up.
      Assassins can get really fucking lucky. They die in 2 hits flat and my high Resistance stat decreases assassination chance bigtime. Even Mortred without BKB and getting countered by MKB and Amplify Dmg is more resilient and reliable than an Assassin against hero units. But still, getting assassinated is infuriating as fuck. And they wreck any non-hero unit, tho you gotta be careful cause they are a wet paper towel in terms of defense.

      If you're interested, game's called Warlords Battlecry 2.
      WBC1 has the story, 2 the gameplay, and 3 the lore.
    18. 5chneemensch
      Since the only subclass is Assassin, you don't get to choose anything there.
      One of the racials gives Dark Elf Assassins a total of 24% assassination instead of the usual 20%.

      Tis gun b gud.
    19. 5chneemensch
      Spear only. :(
    20. 5chneemensch
      This ain't D&D, sorry. Won't give you stats, but I can give you some info.

      Dark Elves are a bitter exiled group of High Elf summoners who got turned down with offering their skills to defend their homeland. They almost destroyed the world by summoning the four horsemen.

      Skilled in magic and assassination. Pretty much every unit can poison. A variety off units that include deamons and undead. Also spiders.
      Portrayed as a mentally unstable cult of murder and massacre which includes living sacrifices.

      Also my favorite race overall.

      If you're still sticking with them, warrior, thief, sorcerer or priest class?
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