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    1. NraYZdgeurL
    2. FinalBossOfDotA
      I see thanks :)
    3. FinalBossOfDotA
      All hail matricegod

      Doesn't lane give more gold than jungle? Do you only go jungle if the lane is too hard to get good farm?
    4. ChromieTheEMP
      Thanks for your advice, man :)
    5. DoM
      Matrice, the true tb god
    6. minhogang
      Which team were you playing for in TI1?
      Regarding the jungle build, what should I do when I get centaurs first on the medium camp? Also it seems I cannot clear the medium camp before the next camp spawns, so I stack it. But if I stack it, I'm still not level 2 and I barely have enough HP to clear the stack.
    7. sesky01
      matrice why not start with quelling blade instead another slipper?

      2x circlet and qb, try it out. I think it works better. Also I think it's worth stacking as much as possible with tb jungle, theres 2 camps that have super short aggro pathing, dire medium under t2 tower and radiant medium behind mid t1 mid. You can attack them without taking any damage in ranged form. Also sending illusion at x:30 to ancients to stack them few times seems worth it
    8. minhogang
      So ive tried your TB forest build and I do have questions
      Compared to the stout qb tango build, the 3 slipper circlet build lacks survivability and sustain. Do i buy all the small parts for wraith bands until i have 0 gold then suicide? i just tried it in this game:
      in the early stages it was very hard to jungle because i had little hp with no stout, but after i got like 2 wraith bands jungling was easier.
      Or a better explanation can be done :P
    9. minhogang
      thanks for your input!
      hey, I am a mid or a safelane carry player; can you recommend any advanced guides to improve my play? I am at 4.1k mmr currently.
    10. minhogang
      Thanks for the guide!
      I have a question: How long have you been playing Dota?
      How did you achieve such high mmr?
    11. minhogang
      I heard that you're the famous player that has 6700 mmr by mostly playing Terrorblade jungle. Can you teach me your ways to jungle him? Your item build, skill build, when to make illusion, etc.
      Also please post here especially in the game strategy section more often, people will recognize your skill and will listen to you more.
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