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    1. uo111
      What's the difference between fingering a vagina and fingering an anus really?

      Just kidding, I think you might've caught the straight. Just have sex with a girl to try it out and see it you like it, no big deal -_^

      Yes, that's the one. What a q-t
    2. uo111
      I posted pictures in pictures of you quite some time ago.

      Did you cum? Was she naked (gross). Was their coitus? Cunnilingus. Ewwwww. Vagina?
    3. uo111
      O no, cyampagn has always made me blush. Don't get me wrong, you're just naughty.

      NO lol XD I haven't seen him since then. I got a boyfriend like, a month after moving to Texas and I've been with him for a year and a half now. He is much better, the other guy was not in to me (I don't know why, what a bitch).

      I don't believe you about the selfie :kiss:
    4. Goaty
      How are things.
    5. Goaty
      Oh hey there.
    6. uo111
      destroy my butthole pls
      I won't judge you for being thirsty :kiss:

      I tried to convince my boyfriend to have sex with me when my roommate could walk in at any time, :P
    7. uo111
      You nasty
    8. Mr. BoB
      Mr. BoB
      Hallelujah, soon you will have the body of a Greek god son.
    9. Goaty
      Yes! I caved. It's super fabulous. I'm only about 14 hours into it, though, and the bulk of that was just roaming around the HUGE areas, doing side quests. I haven't really delved too much into the story with the supporting characters. So far nobody is as fun as Alistair, though, but hopefully that changes!

      I work forty hours. Which isn't a lot, but when you factor in the 90-minute commute for work every day... sigh.

      Eh. My exercising is okay. Not great. I've kinda peaked recently, so I'll need to switch things up to get out of this funk. I'm hovering around 184ish pounds (not entirely sure -- my scale is really bad lol) at maybe 15% body fat??

      I want to start cleaning up my diet. I eat a lot of garbage, and I think it's starting to screw with me -- or at least my potential development. It's really hard to stick to something strict with work providing one of my main meals each day. I may just start packing my own lunch.

      Are you currently focusing on the weight loss? What are your long-term goals?

      Also, when is your winter break from school?
    10. Goaty
      So. Are you buying DA:I?
    11. Goaty
      Like, I just don't have time to do anything except on my day off, but at that point I've been so busy all week I'm like, Eh, I'll stay home and binge on Scandal episodes. My commute to work is an hour and a half round trip (that's NOT including traffic delays with the snowy weather that's now upon us).

      So my free time is a few hours each morning. Like, wtf am I supposed to do with that besides exercise? Everyone's at work at that hour. :mellow:


      We see each other every few months or so. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. It was my suggestion that we all meet up once a month (not including major holidays, like Thanksgiving in a few weeks), and everyone eagerly agreed. So we rotate houses each month.

      OMG. Bumping into each other at the gym? This sounds like the beginnings of a Nicholas Sparks novel.

      And thnx for the tips for TUmblr. Will keep them in mind for when I have time to tinker around on Friday.
    12. Goaty
      Oooh. How did you meet him? Did he seem interested in seeing you again?

      Not much new, honestly. Got together with most of the fam for dinner last night. Played some ping pong with my older brothers and got crushed (I'm rusty :santa:). Other than that I've just been busy with work. I'm really dying to meet some new people, but there just isn't time lol.

      And how am I supposed to gather followers initially? I'm just reblogging things to myself, mainly, since nobody else is paying attention. Do I just need to comment on blogs? Take off my shirt and whore myself out? (at least that way ~someone~ would benefit from all this progress I'm making with my body).
    13. Goaty
      Umm. Says the person who hasn't even made an account yet?????

    14. Goaty
      double post~
    15. Goaty
      threw together a cute little layout! give me your honest thots--
    16. Subway
    17. Goaty
      Perched for your post-date update.
    18. Goaty
      I'm hoping to get a Tumblr up and running by the end of the night. I'll keep you posted.
    19. Goaty
      Super snowy. Lots of mountains (I live right on the bench of one). My dad has a little Corolla because he's a salesman and is always on the road, and he routinely gets stuck and can't make it back home in the winter, which can last months around here.

      My school is in a region with even more mountains, so a cheap little car isn't a realistic option. :( My car's a Rav4 -- it's fabulous, and after these repairs I'm making it should run without incident for the next few years. I'm happy with it.
    20. Mr. BoB
      Mr. BoB
      Both are core exercises you heathen! Go deadlift! Do it!
      Without deadlifting you have a weak core/back; in other words, no deadlifting = less sexy.
      Deadlifting is my favorite exercise btw, it takes so much effort to pull off and the results are 10/10 worth the trouble, just pull through the exhaustion/pain.
      Most importantly, be careful.
      Tbh, it should be more like: Squats = Deadlifting > Everything else > Masturbation > Curls.
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