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Sep 14, 2016
    1. BetaKey
      did u died?
    2. xXinvoker420Xx
      why were you gone for so long anyway?
    3. mapdesigner
    4. ChibiNya
      Mew'll take that as a yes...
    5. ChibiNya
      Nyaaaaa, good to see you're still alive!

      You're around... Right nya?
    6. mapdesigner

      do you play dota2 with smurf? I made one other account but I gave up since I cant find ranked match until lvl 13 (also I cant even add friends in that account for some reason lol)
    7. xXinvoker420Xx
      will you be back from the dead when 6.86 gets announced/released?
    8. toscomovil.
      Alright, Top 3 Best is as low as im comfortable going.
    9. toscomovil.
      Top 5 maybe?
    10. toscomovil.
      Would like to know your opinion on wich are the top 10 best and worst heroes of 6.85
    11. Ninjerk
      Are you sneezeli :D
    12. mapdesigner
      so you havent completely moved to dota 2 and you still play dota (1)?

      about that thread of yours, it seems to me that its a lot dependent on the server. I used to play in eu servers and yes I lose a lot because of team mates (I started at 2800 mmr then went down to 2450 or something). but then I changed the server and went to U.S. east and then I could bring up my mmr up to 3.3k. Yes I do lose matches but I feel i lose because of me and no longer because of bad team mates. Also the time i play matters a lot. so far in US east server I dont see the mmr draggin me that much.
    13. Yoyo Cream
      Yoyo Cream
      Holy fuck that cucklord

      I-I won't bother you I swear on me mum
    14. xXinvoker420Xx
      Pls accept my friend request on steam so I can spectate your games, I promise I won't annoy you or invite you
    15. ChickWithDick
      iraq,can you explain this hotd support thing?
    16. Animus2280
      I think besides the diffusal/manta progression, other 2 possibilities are

      treads/aquila/diffusal/yasha/skadi/finish manta


      treads/aquila/diffusal/sny -> dissassemble sny to build manta + sange (which you can convert into a halberd or just leave it as it is until you buy another hp item like bkb, skadi, or satanic, at which point you can sell it)

      i do think sny is heavily underrated and despite manta giving you some very useful abilities, the +10 str is usually not enough to let you survive through many fights, now that his ulti doesn't give magic resistance.

      final thought: some people have suggested early BoTs, i can't really agree with that since it's costly and often having the extra ~1000 gold on standby (assuming you bought treads instead) can definitely make a better impact. getting that diffusal up earlier (and the +8 str from treads) will likely yield superior returns

      but as i said in my post earlier, the only REAL reason i'm not picking him frequently is that i feel like his lane phase is dependent upon allies (awful to have to lane against solo tide/timber/etc. with bad/no support) and pub supports are hit or miss
    17. minhogang
      What's the item/skill build for jungle luna?
    18. minhogang
      I've seen you post about the offlane spectre, and I want to ask you something.
      http://www.dotabuff.com/matches/1304458968 it is a scrub game yeah
      But here my friend picked spectre and went on a solo lane vs zeus and razor. I told my friend to do a 2-2-1 build and get fast PMS+oov and he got a kill on the zeus whenever the lane was pushed a bit. It seems like the enemy safelaner can't deal with the tankiness of PMS+venom and can't run away from spectre or else spectre may kill the safelaner.
      What are your thoughts on this? If this is legit, how would you execute it?
    19. ethancm
      Just like to say thanks for the hilarious theory rafting you've done over the years, given me many good times playing around with them.
    20. Siraraz.
      Do you have any useful timings on your Battlefury based on differing items? I seem to get 16 minute BFury if I rush Mask of Death -> Battlefury. I think I recalled you managed to get Battlefury at 16 mins with HotD as well.
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