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    1. otomo
      do you have or know how to get pyrion flax announcer?
    2. otomo
    3. Nameless
      Please join. :3
    4. Ari~
      I wants you cape!
    5. Foede
      Ohhh nice! :happy:

      If you can, try to follow the lyrics with the album, the dialogues in there are kinda cool.
    6. Foede
      It was absolutely my pleasure, I'm always glad to share good music ^^

      You might as well listen to the entire Ayreon's discography :3

      Except for Actual Fantasy, that album is kinda bad, dunnot wtf was that one.... ( ._.)
    7. PunKZ
      Haha, yes indeed, they're both weird and original. I thought their style was kinda similar to The Strokes though. But just the general style of music. I'm not sure if you can see the similarity though :P
    8. PunKZ
      I looked them up, and sadly, that is not my type of music. However, I found Buds and Spawn as well as Core to be pretty decent songs. Odd Even was my favorite. Do you have any specific songs that you'd recommend from them? Thanks for recommending stuff btw!
    9. alieNATION
      Cocteau Twins is the perfect blend of delightful vocals, pounding percussion, and guitars run through a bunch of pedals, to give it a "dreamlike" or "ethereal" aesthetic. Cocteau Twins are definitely worth seeking out.
    10. alieNATION
      If you are willing to take another recommendation, add the Cocteau Twins to your list. Their sound is generally described as "dream pop". Check out songs such as 'Donimo', 'Five Ten Fiftyfold', 'Shallow Then Halo', 'Ivo', 'Lorelei', 'Blue Bell Knoll', and 'Aloysius'.
    11. alieNATION
      If you are new to Autechre, the best place to start would be their first two LPs, 'Incunabula' and 'Amber'. Standout tracks from those albums include: 'Bike', 'Eggshell', 'Windwind', '444', 'Foil', 'Montreal', 'Glitch', 'Piezo', 'Further', and 'Teartear'.

      You might also like their third LP, 'Tri Repetae'. It is generally considered to be their masterpiece, though it doesn't make it an easy listen. You will probably like 'Eutow', which is one of Autechre's best songs, in my opinion.

      Good luck, and I hope you enjoy their work.
    12. otomo
      yo bro, do you have microsoft powerpoint?

      i kinda need it if you do.
    13. otomo
      That was some pretty decent pubbing last night, my "hand" is still sore from it :P
    14. otomo
      Thank you for replying anyways, its cool dude :D
    15. otomo
      Yo, Not sure if you can help me but have you got a spare dota 2 key?
    16. STR1D3R
      I'm donating DotA lessons, you are a lucky winner.
    17. Sock Rats
      Sock Rats
      I've had it with this mothafuckin santa hat in this mothafuckin avatar.
    18. otomo
      Have fun bro, Maybe we can talk more more.
    19. otomo
      no steam my asshole friend, but my brother has one, and he plays dota 2 a lot.
    20. otomo
      "I saw it on the news one of these days. Yeah, that was it."

      Won my eternal love because of that post.
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