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Sep 3, 2014
    1. Lycan
      Depends, i could use some dotatine... you got some?
    2. CynthiaCrescent
      Unapproved Visitor Message is quite..some thing.
    3. FlaMe
      Nothing much lol. Wheres your pirate sig? Where Knowledge was power ;)
    4. FlaMe
    5. Shadowlurker
      Thanks for that. =T

      Took about three minutes for a three word response, what the hell.
    6. Shadowlurker
      Err.., I phrased that wrong. WHEN were they Competitive Staffs?


      I could post just fine. Yeah, I'm probably going to abandon PlayDotA for a bit, until the Forum Staffs wake up or so. Mm, yup! I have both.

      Scratch that, I realize what you mean. This was happening when I tried to post in my Valorian thread as well. Holy shit, this is annoying.
    7. Shadowlurker
      My memory is bad and I only lurked those times. Were they ever Competitive Staffs?
    8. Shadowlurker
      So what did you teach your disciples?

      But, but. I want to stay loyal to PlayDotA!

      (I already do. =])
    9. Shadowlurker
      Becayse DarkMedina is the Competitive Staff PlayDotA deserves, but not the Competitive Staff it needs right now.

      Oh, what the hell. I thought there would be some dramatic story. Who did you create, ^^Dragonfist^^ and Rivirland?

      And are you thinking about coming back?

      Explain what you mean by "Now it's pretty much exploding with matches everywhere.", I do not understand.

      And so, was I wrong about this?

      I thought IceFrog was a cool guy.
    10. tra2ce
      Thanks for the sig offer man but no thanks.
    11. Shadowlurker
      So, what was the story with your Competitive Staff downfall, DarkMedina?

      I recall someone else asked you this a long time ago, and all I remember is one of your responses was: "I thought IceFrog was a cool guy."
    12. ChildLikEmperor
      Oh good :) Nice to see you back
    13. ChildLikEmperor
      Oh Hai there. Hows things?
    14. Lycan
      Knowledge is power for most, however for those who already acquired more power than they can handle. Power is Pain.

      Nice arts though.
    15. Shadowlurker
      That's around the time I played DotA as well, pretty cool. I'm glad to have played it after the era of Guinsoo though. (Although, playing those imbalanced maps are still pretty fun.)

      See ya in two hours, DarkMedina. ^ ^
    16. Shadowlurker
      How long have you played DotA, DarkMedina?

      (I admit, DotA also is probably the only game I haven't ever gotten tired of.)
    17. Shadowlurker

      I said "Did you JUST Starcraft II?" As in, recently. (I consider recent to be in the last few months.)

      Hm, I see. So, for you, DotA would be the most complex game, yes?
    18. Shadowlurker
      Maybe because I enjoy Chess. =]

      Did you just play Starcraft II, or what?

      Well, there's a reason why I've played DotA for about five years? and not Starcraft.
    19. Shadowlurker
      I love Starcraft II. It's a shame that I went on a pause for a while and it's tough to get back up-to-date. I used to be a Diamond Player, (No, I am not going to use an arrow to the knee joke, forget that.) but now I swear, I play like Gold.

      I was really into it. Almost everything about Starcraft II is great. Ladder is always fun, and Custom Games are simply amazing. The only problem for me, is that the popular games stay popular. If you ever create a game, it is very unlikely that it will be popular, due to the Popularity Map System.

      I also enjoy the Competitive side of Starcraft II a lot. It's simply amazing what players can do.
    20. Shadowlurker
      Yeah, that's my thoughts as well. I figured it would be similar to that of Starcraft II and Starcraft: Brood War. Although I still believe Starcraft: Brood War is still popular, I can't say for sure. Wouldn't surprise me though.
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