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    1. SkyforgerXVIII
    2. otomo
      Whats up? tell me :D
    3. otomo
      Hey buddy, I am thinking of writing hero guides on my blog but I first wanna ask the community which heroes they want to learn more about, any idea how to do that?
    4. otomo
      do you have or know how to get pyrion flax announcer?
    5. otomo
    6. otomo
      dude, I sent you an e-mail :(

      Not feeling the love tonight...
    7. Siraraz
      Not really. Visuals/animation in Warcraft III are easy and don't require as much thought as those gameplay things like items/heroes.
    8. Siraraz
      I've been spending my 2009 - 2012 making visual suggestions mainly. Starting from about late last year, I basically just spammed DotA Chat and posted basically nonsense.

      Interesting! What an honour :P The only thing I've gotten in is my Ironwood Branch fix :( Hopefully more - as I am expecting a few of my suggestions to get in 6.78. :P
    9. Siraraz
      Just realised you're a fellow June 2009-er.
    10. otomo
    11. Klagger
    12. Madasahat
      Well nothing in particular atm, I'll probably ask when I'm leaving :)

      Though I'll try to see what I need since PD is not a reliable place to contact. And I might not be able to reach you on time.
    13. Madasahat
      Well I'll probably visit in near future. Its kinda important and I'm out of luck. I have friend in Sweden, and Norway but no one from Denmark :(

      Not that I want a place to stay lol. I think it would be nice to ask stuff from someone who knows the place.
    14. Madasahat
      Hey, howdy? Say weren't you from Denmark?
    15. Lotus V Eater
      Lotus V Eater
      hey bro, mind helping me to cast your vote HERE?

      thank you very much bro!! your vote is highly appreciated. don't forget to include simple reasons for each of your votes...
    16. kanzakill
      The average American person nowadays lives in the delusion that the government can protect that person from evil guys with guns.
      You don't need to be harsh on them. By giving away liberty for an illusion of security, they'll make their own lives harsh enough. Do you know that TSA is the thing this season? :D
    17. Madasahat
      I guess I could try learning Dutch. I currently know Italian and Turkish, besides English of course. Italian because I am Italian (lol) and my mother used to teach Turkish in Italy as there are a lot of Turks in Italy. Therefore she taught me too. I'm kinda good with learning languages anyway.
    18. Zuul
      PHP , aah i dont know anything about it. what does that intitle? what type of coding is that?
      SOme has happened since last time I was here. Got engaged, broke some bones and really acing studies. Its actually going great, apart from being utterly poor lol!

      The old gang still in RC?
    19. Zuul
      SUp Audacious!
      How you doing?
    20. Madasahat
      Well I don't know yet but I think I'll probably stay here in Netherlands. I already met some cool people which they insisted I should stay as well. It seems they have English courses as you mentioned and while at it learning Dutch is free in the same University. I already know 3 languages, whats the harm in learning another one.

      I also heard Netherlands has better International law course than anywhere, I don't know if this is true however. (I'm a law student)

      Oh and you have done enough already as someone I met randomly on internet. Speaking of which, e-friends from now on? ;)
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