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    1. ExpertMarksman
      Do you know where are Robzor and Shorttail?
      Do they still visit Advanced Mechanics?
      They change their names?
    2. EebstertheGreat
      I thought you were asking about the dota 1 range (6.83d). You have the correct numbers for dota 2.
    3. EebstertheGreat
      The center-to-center distance is 150. Since the aoe is 225, this means the back edge of the first flame strike is 75 units behind Jakiro's center, or 51 units behind his back edge.
    4. DracoLich
      well, i just checked out with biggest Satyr. He dealt 9 damage on 20 armor tower. and 23 damage on 23 armor DK. So chaos attack type exists, but not mentioned anywhere
    5. DracoLich
      and chaos damage stated in those lists as "chaos", i hope? damage type will matter for sure
    6. DracoLich
      is d2 fountain somehow different from d1? people tells in d2 its a way weaker, like 20% roughly or something. cant spot any difference, 1400 proj speed already been adjusted but not seems to be the case
    7. 31n07
      okay, I just remembered this from pwyw.
      you are turkmenistanian
    8. DracoLich
    9. EebstertheGreat
    10. EebstertheGreat
      The formula was 4 - 0.28 * W, rounded up to the nearest 0.05 seconds. So the actual delay was 3.75/3.45/3.2/2.9/2.6/2.35/2.05 seconds.
    11. EebstertheGreat
      That's a weird question. In 6.50, it uses the curious formula 160+(Q+W)*15.38, for a minimum of 190.76 damage and a maximum of 375.32 damage. In 6.54, it uses the slightly less curious formula 77.5+(Q+W)*21.25, giving a minimum of 120 damage and a maximum of 375 damage.
    12. EebstertheGreat
      That's because Smoke Screen doesn't slow IAS at all . . . That field for Cloud of Fog is left blank in DotA. I'll fix the hero page.
    13. EebstertheGreat
      It works on nonhero units also. It even works on the well/fountain (but not on towers of course).
    14. EebstertheGreat
      Well you can still Toss magic immune units, so maybe that was the idea. Remember it also damaged tossed allies. But yeah, it's just a balance decision.

      Anyway, I don't know why the changelogs got screwed up. It's clearly a mistake, but I don't know on whose part. Either the 6.47 changelog got copied to 6.48 accidentally or vice-versa.
    15. EebstertheGreat
      Not really sure what damage type has to do with anything. Its damage has always been triggered, so it could have been any type Neichus wanted.
    16. EebstertheGreat
      Avalanche has a 275 hardcoded AoE while Toss has a 275 triggered AoE, so they are not quite the same.
    17. EebstertheGreat
      Note that in reality, 600, 630, 660, and 690 vision are all the same in WC3. They are all sight level 5, which corresponds to a sight radius of just 576.
    18. EebstertheGreat
    19. EebstertheGreat
      If I correctly understand how the "Sentinel" ability works, in 6.59d EotS had 600/630/660/690 sight both day and night, and in 6.66b the exact same ability (with the same vision parameters) was used by a dummy unit and cast on the new tree created by triggers.
    20. EebstertheGreat
      Do you know which version got rid of EotS for good (and replaced it with the Sentinels iirc)? I know it was modified somewhat a couple times before then.
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