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    1. Captain Planet
      Captain Planet
      Honestly, I haven't thought about those factors. I've not seen the issue in Forum Games, for instance.
    2. Lama051
      We cannot remove it completely, as some bots could just report everything in sight, sure it would be only for a day or so but still would cause tons of issues, the cooldown reduction on it sounds nice and I will try to push it among the admins.
    3. Captain Planet
      Captain Planet
      I'll put a thread in Staff Conference about it. Don't expect an answer too quickly, though, place is a fucking graveyard right now :/

      PS: I love lmgtfy'ing people at times. Some questions are just made for it :)
    4. chukky-jr
      Done, thanks for the heads up

      really stupid of me though
    5. RisaStoleMyHart
      Lol one of those teachers is famous for that viral video of pronouncing coke has cock. I think the teacher for the Introduction videos is very insightful. Although almost all the Korean teacher have a strong American accent, not that it means anything.
    6. RisaStoleMyHart
    7. Reilden
      It's not possible in this version of vBulletin but you should see this feature available within the coming months.
    8. Mr. Foxxie
      Mr. Foxxie
      Yea I saw it, dat rocket hammer 2stronk, but I don't know what game it's from, so I didn't have much interest.
    9. WaruAthena
      Ooh Brain's Base Natsume Natsume Natsume

      I'll watch it after I've finished the rest then. Thank you for your suggestion!
    10. Mr. Foxxie
      Mr. Foxxie
      Nope. Wat dat
    11. BlizziC
      Eh, my wall was posts from when I registered my account back in 09', I'd rather not cringe every time I view my profile, so I cleaned it after I was inactive for about one and a half year.

      I looked at it a bit more and long story short, I totally forgot about a lot of stuff like the fact that I don't have speakers, a monitor or a keyboard. So I decided to get a much cheaper rig and already decided on,

      Thanks for the notice though, I'm planning to build in the future, so it's nice to have a place to start and someone to ask. I've been saving up from the excess money of the ridiculously amount of money I get from my scholarship, so it's not like I really committed to it
    12. Luffydude
      DK2 was a pretty good game. If you haven't checked it out, you should try Theme Hospital which was made by the same company Bullfrog, it's very similar to DK2.

      It uses the same room system, but instead of attracting creatures it serves to cure patients. You can also train your doctors and instead of researching spells, you research cures and new rooms!

      Too bad Bullfrog died out and couldn't make DK3 or Theme Hospital 2
    13. Mr. Foxxie
      Mr. Foxxie
      Ahh... Maid uniform. <3
    14. Mr. Foxxie
      Mr. Foxxie
      Sounds like Hong Kong English, China English sometimes has this. Mostly happens to chinese who are from around china (hongkong,taiwan etc)

      I'm Singaporean, around here our accents aren't like that at all, but there's still an accent of course. (Accents around south east asia transcends race, everyone speaks with the accent, so not just chinese)
    15. Foede
      Meh, I honestly don't see the harm in the dead links, specially from very old posts.

      Also, we are to avoid editing forumer's posts.
    16. Foede
      Mhm? You want me to check every page in this thread and edit each post since '09 that contains a dead youtube link? :/
    17. Lycan
      site feedback -> it's debateable and we're considering such changes but everyone has a different set-up preference and so far as i know now we are unable to allow users to set-up their own order preference.
    18. Captain Planet
      Captain Planet
      Eh. The further down the tiers one plays the more heroes you can DPS-to-victory. I've seen DPS Tide builds from time to time but generally I see him in properly structured team compositions which is what he's balanced around. I don't see the point of using non-standard roles and builds are part of his balancing because then it skews him pretty hard.
    19. Captain Planet
      Captain Planet
      What is this I don't even-

      Shadow Blade? Seriously? :p:

      These item choices are making my head hurt.
    20. RisaStoleMyHart
      thank you. Artist is manyakis :)
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