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  1. A5G_Reaper
    A5G_Reaper Jazdia
    Yay! *break a champagne*
  2. Jazdia
    Jazdia A5G_Reaper
    That was not the end, not yet. Alia and Zeph will appear at the epilogue. :D
  3. ImmolatusBurn
  4. Jazdia
    Jazdia A5G_Reaper
    Sent you the update
  5. lovestep
    lovestep Necalli
    4chan is pretty heavily moderated so child porn doesn't get tossed around that shit hole. the chan your youtuber was referencing is probably master chan. i'd suggest not visiting that shit as it has no moderation and anything you click is probably going to lead to illegal shit, especially in the US.
    sending brazilian autists to "troll" 4channers will only end with brain damage on the brazilian side
  6. NaL-Ra
  7. A5G_Reaper
    A5G_Reaper Jazdia
    No response on the PM? :c
  8. Haasva
    Haasva sh150i
    quality poster
  9. milos87popovic
    Ukoliko želite da putujete u Beč iz Beograda ili do Budimpešte, želeo bih da Vam preporučim odlučnu agenciju iz Beograda koja ima svoje Kombie. Posetite sledeći link i za minimalnu cenu putujte u Beč - Sve preporuke: kombi prevoz Beograd - Beč
  10. Jazdia
    Jazdia A5G_Reaper
    Thank you XD
  11. A5G_Reaper
    A5G_Reaper Jazdia
    Happy birthday!! *glomp*
  12. DrFrank_
    DrFrank_ Beary
    Your sig is why AI will rise against us.
  13. knifeman
    knifeman DracoLich
    Thank you for making a good dota 1 map!
  14. DrFrank_
    DrFrank_ Louie-kun
    Whatever you say Grom Hellscream, I mean Louie.
  15. Louie-kun
    Louie-kun DrFrank_
    Frank... the blood haze has lifted... the demon's fire has burnt out in my veins....I...have...freed...myself...
  16. TidesOfBlood
    TidesOfBlood DracoLich
    Dead Dev instead.
  17. Budzogan
  18. vijju1234567890
    vijju1234567890 InvokerofTime
    Yes, I heard. Something like playdota reborn? I am waiting for it! :) :D
  19. InvokerofTime
    InvokerofTime vijju1234567890
    Good to hear :) People returning is always good, btw PD is heading for a revamp soon :)
  20. Haasva
    Haasva InThoX
    Even if one "get gud" there will always be a vast majority below 4K MMR. And because of a hierarchy based on a number, we shouldn't not listen to those we are at the bottom and continue by telling them "get gud". Nice mentality dude.